It’s A Birthday Celebration !!!

Its no secret that I love crafts, but now I’m steeping into planning events. So this past weekend I put together a small birthday celebration for two of my close friends. Tyanna and Christal both turn 25 in the next week (and change). So to celebrate my girls and I all got together and went to Topgolf. Let’s just say it was an interesting night. I don’t even remember the score of the ending game. But I can tell you one thing…. I didn’t win. I never knew how hard it was to hit a small white ball. The night was filled with love, fun and the most ridiculous commentary from my friends. After Topgolf, we all went back to my place where I had set up a small surprise for the birthday girls. And drinking games all created my our every own Myeesha, (gotta love her).

My little set up included balloons and and banner and a cake in the shape of a 2 and a 5. Party favors were glitter wine glasses filled with milk chocolate M&M. Such a cute idea! I must say I had too much fun making the banner, party favors and decorations for this party. I got all the ideas from Pinterest but didn’t expect them to turn out the way they did. Everything was great and the birthday girls enjoyed themselves.

One day, When I grow up…. I’m going to be the hottest Event Planner in Atlanta. (Baby steps

Side Note: I have the BEST group of friends ever!!!

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