What to Love about FEBRUARY



I can’t believe that it’s almost February. 2016 is rolling. February is one of my first favorite months of the year. There is so much that takes place in February. First and foremost, I will celebrate my founder’s day this month. Shouts out to all the LAMBDAs!!!! (Phi Beta Lambda Business Fraternity Inc.). Side Note: Thanks for your support Lambda’s.


Now that’s that out of the way …. The 88th Annual Academy Awards are coming up. I don’t really watch the awards but I love to watch the red carpet show and tweet watch on Black Twitter. Then, there’s the super bowl. I don’t watch football faithfully but the Super Bowl is a social event that every girl must attend. I was even planning on hosting a Super Bowl party this year, but one of my friends sent out her invitations already. I opened the message and was like- She stole my idea. JEALOUS! She hosted the last fight night at her place and it was fun so I will attend her little event. But next year… I’m hosting the Super Bowl party … LOL J Lastly, BLACK HISTORY MONTH…. I love black history month. Seems like the older I get them more I miss all the little black history month activities I liked to participate in as a child. So I plan on doing a lot of Cool stuff this year. TUNE IN!


Last but not least …. VALENTINE’S DAY!!!! I’m a sucker for the cards, candy, flowers and romance. But my Valentine’s Day never goes that way. I usually just settle for dinner and a movie with someone special. Last year, I it was spent with one of my good friends and included shopping afterwards. We even hit up a NYC bar afterwards and met these brothers from Queens that were super cool and paid for our dinner and drinks. Let’s see what this year will bring.


I cant wait to Blog about it all and share with you, friend!

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