Get your HOPES up…

Hi guys!

It has been a long week of EVERYTHING. I used to joke about being a zombie during the week and coming to life on the weekends. And I think it has actually come true. I get up so early each day that by 4pm I am dragging, but the day must go on. So I live for Friday afternoons where I rest up before starting my weekend of WHATEVER I WANT TO DO. Sometimes I need an extra push during the weekdays, so I look to my daily devotionals and my newest subscription to Joyce Meyers Ministries magazine.

Joyce Meyers Ministries sends out a monthly magazine of inspiration and coverage over things the ministry is doing world wide. One of the articles in the latest issues was titled “Get your hopes up”. It basically spoke to the point of be thankful, be grateful, and get your hopes up for what’s to come. Everyday we are blessed with a gift of something. No matter how big or how small, we all are blessed. And I had to step outside myself and take mental note to be grateful of all the gift of my life; It’s so rewarding. I know sometimes we don’t look at the small things as a blessing. But a blessing is a blessing. Point. Blank. Period. So I decide to get my hopes up about my own blessing by writing them down daily as a reminder that I AM BLESSED. I thought I’d share some of my little blessing with you and challenge you all to get you HOPES up about your blessing…

On 2/8/16, I was blessed with an unexpected but much needed gift in the mail, along with a productive and stress-free day at work.

On 2/10/16, I was blessed with clarity to unanswered questions –> MUCH NEEDED

On 2/13/16, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet a new friend with a bright future and celebrated friendship with close friends.

And TODAY, I was blessed with a compliment from an unexpected person, which made me feel good about myself and my work.

I hope this post inspired you in some way.

KISSES, until Monday !!!

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