Kadii’s Playlist – Top 25

So I recently changed from an Andriod to an iPhone. I must say I was attached to my android but I love my iPhone. I mean my Snapchat’s (SC: Khadijahzn) are a lot better with apple— Just saying. But Apple music is what I’m most excited about. I mean $9.99 a month for all the music you want. And I can search for anything. I can listen to it one time or download it to my music and listen to it whenever I want. I’m in love completely. I like all kinds of music so I thought I share my TOP 25 Most played with you all…

1 Beyonce- 7/11

Why wouldn’t this be number one. It’s so catchy and the video is too fun. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to re-act scenes from that video. Plus, I’m down for anything Beyonce

2 Janelle Monae and Jidenna- Yoga

This is such a sexy, cool, and fun song. It makes the perfect work out song too !!!

3 Kahlani ft. Chance the Rapper – The Way

She has an amazing voice frfr..

4 Emeli Sande- Clown

Most people think this is an emo song, but I love it and I love Emeli’s voice. I first hear this song played on an episode of “The Game” and I have played it several times a week every since. It’s a song that helps me remember when.

5 Meek Mills ft. Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown- All Eyes on You

I’m not a fan of Meek Mill but this song right here is my Jam. I remember when it first came out I played it over and over all night.

6 Monica- Kickin’ it with u

First of all, Monica is my kool ahh Aunty in my head. I love her, her family and her music. I am still in love with ol’ school Monica. This song is like my summer love song. When its summer I love to play this riding in the car with my Summer Love Affair or if its any other season I play it to remember the time I was riding around with my Summer Love Affair listening to it .

7 Monica- Never Can Say Goodbye

This is my sapp song. I don’t know why I listen to it so much. I really just love her voice.

8 Passenger- Let Her Go

This is such a beautiful song; the lyrics speak to me in a real way!

9 Sevyn Streeter- Say it

I think this is such a sexy song. I sing along to it all the time like I’m sing to someone, but I’m usually just making a snap chat or standing in the mirror.

10 Taylor Swift- Blank Space

Ok! Now, Tay Tay is my best friend I my head. Like forreal, we go shopping together and have sleepovers and everything. But her album 1989, IN LOVE IT. I remember previewing her album on a Delta flight from NYC to GA and I fell asleep to this song and it has been my favorite from the album every since.

11 Beyonce- You are my Rock

This has been my fairytale love affair song since high school. I mean “you are my rock, I love to rock with you, you’re everything I need…” I’m just waiting for that type of love.

12 DJ Khaled ft. Chris Brown – Hold you Down

When I say, I had no choice but to like this song. Power 107.5 played it every morning, all summer on the radio. I knew it wouldn’t be a good day if I didn’t here Hold you down on the radio as I headed to work Summer of 2014.

13 Drake-Back to Back Freestyle

I can’t say I am a Drake fan. I mean I never followed his rap career. I love him as Jimmy on Degrassi. But to see how he stood up for himself in this so-called beef, I fell in love. And I much admit I laugh every time I hear it, because he definitely went in on Meek

14 Ed Sheeran- Thinking Out Loud

Another beautiful song, full of lyrics that melt my heart.

15 Fetty Wap – Come My way

Like who doesn’t love this song … 1738

16 Future- Trap Ni**as

I mean to be honest, I love anything that comes out this man’s mouth …

17 Nicki Minaj and Beyonce- Feeling myself

This is the music that I do my make up too and get ready with …. I feel the Girl Power

19 Ann Mare- On You

I don’t know how I came across this song, but every since I have I love to play it as I get ready for bed

20 Chris Brown – Liquor

Ok! When Chris’s album first came out my friend @lovelyLady_125 played this for me and I didn’t really like it. But we went to the Chris Brown concert this summer and the way he preformed it had me in a zone. And now it’s on my top played playlist

21 Emeli Sande- Clown 2

I know its already on the list, but this a mix someone put together and it makes me love the song even more

22 Emeli Sande- My kind of love

I am a person that loves hard, so when I searched the YouTube video for this song, I fell in love with how talented Emeli really is

23 Fetty Wap- Again

This song will definitely get me on my feet and the dance for in a bar. HANDS DOWN

24  Tamia- Day One

I first heard this song sung by Tamia live at her concert and found my eyes closed and falling in love with the words she sung. This song will definitely be played at me wedding

25 Future- March Madness

My friends and I love this song. This summer this was our PRE_ GAME JAM. Either getting ready to go out or in the car headed someplace, WE PLAYED FURTURE !!!

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Relax, It’s Wednesday three more days til the Weekend. But be sure to start your weekend off right and stop by for a new post on Friday !!!


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