Black History Month

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Dear Four Little Black Girls,

You were taken away from this world too soon. I hear and see your story and think about everything you missed out on like school dances and parties, even prom, graduation, college life, and growing up. It saddens me. Then I think about 1963 vs. 2016. Times are different! Or are they? I mean well theres a slight difference. But hurtfully, innocent African American are still losing there lives to racism. Not one of you deserved what happened on September 15,1963. I hope you’ll be happy to know that your death was followed by thousands of protesters standing up for your innocence in this situation.

I recently visited the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, GA and the memorial in your honor is beyond amazing, and every inspirational. As much as I want to be angry and sad when I think about the bombing, your smiles make me happy. I think about good times and childhood. I think about that one Easter morning, my mommy got me dressed fresh as can be and curled my hair. Then se sat me down at the kitchen table and painted my finger nails a pearly pink color. I sat pretty as can be at church that day, extremely nervous when I said my Easter speech. But, I remember that day being just as easy as any Sunday morning. I want your little ladies to dwell on the good times and be thankful for the bad times, because we all know trouble don’t last always. I can’t wait until the morning we met. We’d just laugh, cry and hug. We’d have hours of girl talk and put of our Sunday’s best for the tea party of our lives. And together we’d look back at the times that had us down and then we’d be merry and blessed. OH I CAN’T WAIT.

With much southern love,


P.S. Kiss my Pa-Pa for me and tell him his baby girl is doing well and missing him more than ever, but will see him again someday.

Hey Friends…

Recently I visited the Center for Civil and Human Rights, downtown Atlanta, GA. When I tell you the center is amazing, It’s amazing! If you’re in the area, please make time to visit it. And you can spend all day in this place. The group I went with made a day of it and we all enjoyed ourselves. See pictures in my February gallery.

Happy Monday and talk to ya Wednesday!!!!

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