Book Review: The Beauty of Branding in Business

Hey Lovely,

So I hold an undergrad degree in Marketing and I am working on my M.B.A. Just trying to be great in the world (lol). I’m always interested in professional development workshops and events. And now I am making more time to actually read books others than text books. So, I just finished The Beauty of Branding in Business- A guide for aspiring and Emerging Entrepreneurs by Yandy Smith Harris (Love & Hip Hop NY cast member).

When I saw Yandy post her book on Instagram, I thought it would be a great read for me. I watch her on the show and I love the work that she does. So I clicked the link to purchase the book. The book sales for like $10 I like but I Paid $7. I did not know it was a claimed “e-book”. So after you pay, the website tells you the book will be e-mailed to you. Okay! I’m thinking the download will be sent to me to download to my Kindle. No! It’s a PDF file and its only like 32 pages. Now, I have mixed feelings about this. First things first, as a business woman I look up to Yandy. I think she is a great business woman, who is self-less and shares her passion with everyone. But I expected more. Presentation is everything and my expectations were high. But on the flip side I don’t really like e-books, so I just printed the claimed “e-book” and read the hard copy, so I could highlight and take notes. I mean that’s how I read.

The book starts off slow for me. I mean the first chapter is about “what is a brand?” and it was all information that I already knew. And it was written in like a textbook style to me. But then I had to think about it, like “not everyone is a marketing major Kadii…” so I continued to read. As I completed the chapter, I analyzed some of the things she mentioned and about branding and I feel like her guide does not pertain to general branding. In my opinion, It’s more specific to her brand, Everything Girls Love. Again, not what I expected. I will say that reading the information I already learned in the classroom, refreshed my brain to think of way I can enhance my brand, PassionLocked- as I continue to build. So very informative and gives good insight into building brands. I did learn a few techniques or ideas I want to incorporate into PassionLocked. The book, guide, or claimed “e-book” (whatever!) gets good for me at the “Being ‘everywhere’ chapter. Which speaks about how to use your brand in your marketing.


Overall, It’s a nice short read, for someone who has a background in marketing or business. I would recommend this guide for anyone interested in marketing, starting a brand but has no experience, or even high school students interested in majoring in Marketing in college. Check it out for yourself and stay tuned for more book reviews in the future…

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