Dolled up for a Cause


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So last weekend, I had the opportunity to get all dolled up for a Gala. I’ve never been to a Gala before. As a kid I loved playing dressed up with high heels, pearls, and lip stick. RED LIP STICK !!!

On last Saturday, I attended the Hearts of Fire Scholarship Gala for my alma mater, Albany State University. I also was in charge  for the decorations for the evening (see slideshow above). I put together the centerpieces for the event, themed Classic Elegance.

I must admit-It felt so good to get together with other alums and have a good ol’ time. Real Grown Folk – good time. Just reminds me I’m getting older. But a pleasureful reminder!

But lets talk about my attire for the night. First off, I decided to get my hair pressed for this event. Just as I predicted, four hours after getting my hair done – It Puffed Up. #TEAMNATURAL – But I didn’t let  the hair drama  stop me, so I got all dolled up. I wore this sexy red formal dress (from Dillard’s), with lots of glitter and a band of crystals and pearls under the bust. I walked so elegantly in my all black Jessica Simpson highs. (Sidebar: I love Jessica Simpson) I decorated my attire with a single pearl necklace and pearl earrings, a my personalized Pandora bracelet and pearl top ring. I love pearls, can’t you tell… LOL

This event raised money to benefit the monetary efforts of  Atlanta area students attending Albany State University. I am so overjoyed to have been a part of this event. As a recent graduate, being involved with my local alumni chapter is important to me. It holds me close to my university even though I’m no longer a student.

I felt so Pretty!

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to stop by on Monday


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