Hey lovely!

Every time I scroll down my IG time line, I am bound to see at least 3 #RELATIONSHIPGOALS post. I must admit it use to give me those, “why can’t I find a good man” thoughts. But now I just laugh, because I know that everything that glitters ain’t gold. So while my peers are all over social media with #RELATIONSHIPGOALS, I’m singing Beyoncé’s song Sorry #IAINTTHINKINGABOUTU and focusing on my Resume Goals.

So let’s talk about it. Resume Goals? What are they? Why are they important?

Resumes are a powerful tool. I don’t think there any legal job you can get without a resume. So your resume is a reflection of you. Employers see this one sheet of paper before they see you. As a young professional I find myself constantly updating my resume and LinkedIn profile. At this point in my career path, I do not have an resume objective on my resume, but my career objectives are listed on my LinkedIn Profile. Resume objectives are important to know and understand but not always share.

The number one resume objective is to obtain the job. But that’s not what you want to say to a hiring manager. So, your resume objective needs to be specific to the job. It needs to be short, sweet and to the point. This statement should address what you plan to accomplish with the company you are applying to or at least where you plan to lead your career within the company.

Okay so here’s an examples. Say you’re a college grad with not much experience but looking to start a career path: Resume Objective– “Highly-dedicated and driven business graduate seeking entry level associate brand manager position with The Coca- Cola Company.” This statement is strong because it is specific to the job being applied for and the company. By stating that you are a college grad, it let’s the hiring manager know who you are… You are a recent college grad with less experience but seeking opportunity. It’s fact and sounds better than just saying, “Recent college grad seeking entry level employment.”

Resume objective can be fun and creative. It’s all about how you sell yourself. In the hiring process you HAVE to have something that sets you aside from all other applicants. While at the entry level stage you lack experience, you’ll need to be creative about how you sell yourself. Think about Legally Blonde lol. Remember how girl printed her resume on pink scented paper. I wouldn’t recommend doing that. But in that situation it worked for her. She was creative and made her resume stand out in any stack of white paper printed resumes. She got the job. Now, I challenge you to develop your Resume Goals. Be sure to keep it short simple and sweet. Make sure its relevant and specific. Remember, the main focus is how you can benefit the company.



If your looking to change the game in your professional development process and are seeking guidance, PassionLocked can help you. For Resumes, Cover Letters, Thank You Notes, and LinkedIn Profiles email kznuriddin@gmail.com.

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