Career Coffee Bar

Hello Dear!

I have something from my weekend that I want to share with you all. I was super excited about it and still am.

So, Saturday morning, I hosted a CAREER COFFEE BAR. It was an idea that crossed my busy ol’ mind one day. The idea was to get my friends together and do something productive. Confession – it was only one friend  LOL

Okay let me tell you how this happened. I had this big idea in my head to host a Career Coffee Bar, where my friends and I gathered together to help each other with our career goals. I mean we help each other with so much more… make up and hair tips… dating advice… fashion tips… never anything about our career goals. So, Why not?

The Career Coffee Bar is designed to use your friends to analyze your experience and help you explore new venture to achieve your career goals. I plan on hosting a grand event with all of my friends and friends of friends, but first I wanted to test this theory of excitement. I mean I get excited about the lamest things and my friends don’t.

IMG_3966 2My good friend Myeesha (@paix_bebe) was my testee on Saturday. I made a fabulous sausage egg and cheese quiche. I prepared juice, hot tea and coffee. We sat at my breakfast table (yes, I have a breakfast table) like adults with our resumes and laptops out. The conversations wasn’t about what we wanted to do that night, or what new guy we’re seeing, or even if our lip stick was poppin’ or not… The conversation was about our goals and it wasn’t boring. We wrote out our aspirations and goals. Then we reviewed each other resume and searched for opportunities that each of us could benefit from. I even found some new LinkedIn groups to join and learned how to endorse my connections. The goal was for me to help Myeesha find new ventures to explore as she seeking to further her career, and she do the same for me. In this little amount of time, I feel like we got so much accomplished. It even helped me form a plan to work towards my career aspirations.

I can not wait to host a larger event with more friends and their friends!!!


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2 thoughts on “Career Coffee Bar

  1. This is SUCH a great idea! I can see it going really well with a large group of people. Everyone has their own tips, tricks, and ideas when it comes to a professional career, so sharing them will be soooo beneficial! Good luck!


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