Quilting is cheap therapy

Happy Monday  !!!! 

Today I thought I’d bless you all by sharing my another Kadii Creation. I’ve recently gotten into quilting, hand sewn quilting. It’s my new therapy. Honestly, at the end of a long day I just lay back in bed with my needle and thread and just go to work. And my mind is clear… At that point I focus on nothing but what’s in my hands. All of my worries, issues, and thoughts go away and I just sew. 

Now, this was not my first quilt, but it’s my first hand made quilt. The first quilt I made was a t-shirt quilt, made in two days that stressed me completely out. That process was not therapy but I found a way to calm the storm. 

My co-worker/ friend is expecting a baby girl soon. So I made this baby quilt for her. It took me about three months but it brought me peace. 

If you’re interested in quilting, I’ll share with you how I did this. 

To start, I took a trip to the fabric store. Mother to be wanted a pink and yellow theme for the baby room. So I found the fabric patterns found in the quilt: light/dark pink chevron pattern, twinkle twinkle little star (gray), yellow and white pot a dots pattern, and a mix baby pattern. A flower pattern was used for the boarder of the quilt and a plain pink fabric for the backings of the quilt. I didn’t know how much I would need, so I just got 2 yards of each. I purchased everything from Joann’s fabrics so there were some discounts involved. 

I used a 6 inch square quilting stencil to cut out my squares. For this size quilt I 20 quarts for each pattern and a 5 inch boarder all around. 

First I cut all of my fabric squares, for this baby quilt. I used 20 6 inch squares to make 20 pattern squares of all four fabric designs. After cutting, I began to see all four squares together to make my quilt pattern. When that process was done, I laid out the patterns to arrange them the way I wanted gombe quilt to look. With 20 patterns, I was able to compose 4 patterns across and 5 patterns down. Next, I pieced I’ll the patterned together and ironed the quilt flat. Then I was able to measure the quilt to add my trimming. I used a pink fabric with flowers as the boarder on all four sides of the quilt. After this was complete I again ironed the quilt flat. With my solid pink fabric, I began to pin the quilt and the backing together to prepare for finishing the quilt. 

I was so happy with the finished product and can’t wait to start my next quilting project. 

Thanks again for stopping by my little blog. Be sure to like comment and subscribe. And I’ll see you back here next week 

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