The art of Basket Making

Hey Girl Hey,

I love making baskets for baby showers. I cant just go to the store anf buy a normal gift like regular people, I have to be extra. I mean I love shopping. But baby shopping is sooooo much cooler. It so fun shopping for little baby things to put in the baskets. Then playing with all the goodies to arrange it in the basket.

This past week, I attended a baby shower for a co-worker/ friend. So I decided to make her a little basket of baby essentials. This basket is filled with little special things like recieving blankets, hair bows, travel baby wipes. baby lotion, a bottle, formula dispenser, and a baby nail kit. It was so easy to put together. I used on of the blankets to hug the white pale and fill the bottom of the pale to stuff the basket. With no thought process in mind, I just started putting things in the basket.


And this is the final product !!!!!


This is what it the basket looked like before I wrapped it.


Here you can see all the products placed in the baby basket.

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