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At this age it surprises me how many of my peers do not know how to dress for an interview or for a business professional job. I think this was something that was beat into my brain in eighth grade.

Recently, a classmate of mine went on an interview for a corporate accounting job, we meet up after the interview to catch up. I was shocked to see what was selected as her interview attire. She wore a black pencil skirt that hugged her curves, a fitted white tee shirt, and a cheetah print blazer and red high heels. I asked her how did she feel about the job interview and she was unsure if she impressed the interviewer. So, I simply explained to her that if I was interviewing her and she came into my office with that outfit on I wouldn’t hire her. The interview would be very short and I wouldn’t even look at her resume a second time. She was shocked by my statement but I was being completely honest. In fact, I was shocked by her outfit of choice. She explained that she didn’t see anything wrong with what she wore and she found the outfit to be professional. At that moment I realized that she honestly did not know any better. No one had never taught her the rules to interview attire.

From Styles Weekly 

So I’m going to break it down for you all, right now from head to toe:

Starting with the hair. Very simple and out of the face. Try to keep the hair colors and highlights very natural or neutral.

Makeup. Natural colors very simple. Please, Please, Please do not walk in an interview with a bold eye or lip color. It’s distracting! YOu want the interviewer to pay attention to you and what you are saying, not you lips and eyeshadow.

Jewelry. Little to non. Stud eye rings. No hoops, that is not at all professional. One necklace. One bracelet. That’s all you need.

Ladies please, be sure that you clothes lay on your body not fit the body. We all work hard to keep our bodies in a certain shape but the workplace is not the place to show it off. Wait until happy hour. For an interview, I would always do a skirt suit or dress with a blazer. Stay away from loud patterns and colors. Solid grey’s, navy blue, or black are safe. No matter how big  or small your breast are they can be covered up and this is the time that they should be. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have to bend over and the girls are showing. Pantyholes, not too many people like pantyholes anymore but they make the outfit look more put together. I’m not suggesting you wear them everyday but to the interview is a must.

Lastly, shoes! CLOSE TOE ONLY.  There is a difference between business heels and high heels. Don’t walk into a interview with your designer 6 inch heels on. Not necessary! A classic black or nude business pump will do just fine. And they are not at all expensive, $20 at Payless at the most.

You may not think the way you look on your interview matters but it does. It’s the first impression of you. When the interviewer reads your resume that are picturing you by your accomplishments and accolades. Don’t blur that image of yourself with the wrong interview attire. You want the interviewer to continue to be impressed with the person they see after reading your award winning resume.

When you get the job you can put on those 6 inch heels and that fitted skirt and celebrate with your new beginning with you girls over drinks. Cheers.


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