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Hello Friends,

I am 25 days into the “Apply Yourself” 31-day challenge, and it has been a challenge. But I will not give up. I actually have a few updates from this challenge. If this is your first time reading about the “Apply Yourself” challenge…. Go read my last posts.

Within the past few days, I have received a rejection letter, a follow up notification on a job opportunity, and an interview invitation. That’s right! The goal was to get an interview, and I got an interview. But the challenge is to apply to a job each day for the next 31 days. At this time, I have applied for 25 desirable positions and keeping track of everything using an excel spreadsheet.

Now, let me tell you about my interview. The interview was short and sweet. The interviewer asked me questions related to my qualifications, but did not extend the opportunity for me to ask questions in return. The interview process was explained as a three step process. First step being the preliminary interview, a shadow /observation day, on to a more extensive team interview. Lastly, I was given a brief scope of the business. This is when I realized it was a SKAM. Yes, a JOB SKAM! The information I was given in the interview was completely different from the job description and company website. Normally, something like this would discourage me, but after the interview I actually felt proud of myself. I went on a interview. I was polished and professional. Although I will not be taking the job, if offered. It was great practice for when the next interview. I feel very prepared for my next interview which will be at the end of this week… wish me luck!

In my last post, I told you about upgrading my LinkedIn account to a premium account. My LinkedIn account is flagged as a Job Seeker. The features of this account include advanced search tools, access to a wider talent pool and ability to InMail people who you are not connected with. So far I have been using the InMail a lot. When I find a job on LinkedIn I’d like to apply for, I use the InMail tool to send the recruiter a message letting them know my interest for the job. Not only have I used LinkedIn to find job to apply for but also, and

Recently, I found some great reading material for the application process and preparing your resume. I will put the link before. I also have been reaching out to some mentors and pass co-workers to get feedback on my resume and cover letter. You know there is always room for improvement in those areas.

So far I am enjoying the process of this challenge and I can’t wait to share my interview experience with you …

Until next time,

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