Thanksgiving Cake Made by Me !!!


So Thanksgiving was this week and I have enjoyed my time off work relaxing, chilling with family and eating good food. Speaking of good food- Baking a cake from scratch is an item listed on my Holiday Bucket List. So the day before Thanksgiving, I decided to spent my day baking. It literally took all day. I applaud all the bakers in the world, it is alot of work. At first I set out to make a 3 layer red velet cake, 24 red velvet cupcakes and cake pops. High achiever righhoilday-caket! Let’s just say things did not go as planned. I only made one 2 layer red velevt cake. Baking is a lot of work and I wasnt prepared for all of it. After making the batter just right and whipping up the icing as well, I had no motivation to make cupcakes or cake pops.

Overall, I think my cake turned out okay. I use a Ziploc bag to make my top layer icing decor. I’m a real AMATEUR at this baking stuff but at least I tired. My family loved my cake along with the other 2 red velvet cakes at the dinner table made by my cousin that was no competition to mine. My family is so supportive.


I hope you all had a great thanksgiving filled with family, love, and giving! I think it’s about time I go heat up my thanhsgiving leftovers,cut me a slice of the red velvet cake, and watch the Netflix orginal season of Gilmore Girls for the afternoon. TTYL ❤Logo Headline


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