PassionLocked is 1 years ago today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2016 is over, it’s a new year and I’m excited for what’s in store for 2017. My first post to this blog was my 2016 Vision Board. Today I want to share my 2017 Vision Board. Traditionally, vision boards have lots of pictures from magazines and not much wording. Looking back at my 2016 vision board, I missed a lot. In terms of my vision board, I think my goals and vision were outplayed by the pretty magazine pictures. I wouldn’t classify 2016 as a bad year nor a good year. I was a year of life and moving forward. But I’m looking forward to my 2017 being more goal-oriented with a lot more personal growth. No. A vision board doesn’t determine how your year will turn out, but it’s a mental reminder of where you see yourself throughout the year.


img_5466With that in mind, I decided to try something different with my vision board this year. I set it up more like a diagram with more words than pictures. This is an everyday reminder of the path I am taking in this year.

I collected my markers, stickers, glue stick and magazines to began my vision board project. I even pulled out my computer and printer for some extra help with words. After about three hours, I had a complete vision board.

img_5467I categorized my diagram by Savings, Friends/Family, Faith, Career, Mind, Hobbies, Health, and Fun. From each of these categorizes I was able to set small and big goals for myself in those specific areas. By using this diagram and words, each time I look at my vision board I can read the words and continue to be inspired by my vision and goals.


Check it out…


Have you created your 2017 vision board yet? Please share it. I would love to see (just @ me on IG). Remember, whatever your passion is and whatever you dream of doing, YOU CAN! Love it. Be it. Do it.


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