Colorful Blessings

Happy Friday Passionistas!



As I was shopping last week I ran into these two amazing art gifts. Colorful blessing are these little messages and bible quotes on a notecard that you can color. It comes packaged in this cute little box, that makes the product desktop ready. The decor box is filled with 44 delightful detailed cards to color and share god’s love, peace, and joy. As a young adult going through the odds and ends of life. I’ve only colored one so far (see over photo), and I must admit it did bring some joy to to my day. I’ve decided to display each little card my office cork board and share them with friends and family that come over to visit me.





The second gift is a little bit more spiritual and  personal for me. It a prayer journal that can be used daily for a short devotional and written reflection of your own. When I saw this , I knew it was perfect for me. I try to make it a habit to sat aside time for myself to think and process everything going on in my day. But I want to get more in habbit of giving my time to god, more than just going to church on sundays. So my prayer journal will be my little special moments with god, which makes it very personal for me. Love it !



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