A Passionista’s Guide to Phone Interview Success

Hello Passionista’s

If you’re having a phone interview, it is likely that a third- party recruiter has reached out to you or the hiring manager for a job you’ve applied for is interested in you as a candidate for a job. This is great news! Commonly, someone will reach out to you via email to see when you are available to speak to them about the job posting. When you receive this initial email here a few things you should do:

  • Review the job description of the position applied forIf you are anything like me (at this point of life) applying for jobs is a part of your daily routine. It is important to know exactly which position and company you are being contacted about. For some this is common sense. But you’d be surprised how many people go on interviews and have no knowledge of the responsibilities and details of the job.
  • Find quiet time in your schedule to conduct the interviewWhen you respond to the recruiter or hiring manager, you want to make sure your schedule is clear and you have enough quiet time to speak with them. Nothing is worse than being on a phone interview but stuck in a noisy area. Plan your day accordingly.
  • Respond to the email with multiple dates and times you are availableRecruiters and Hiring Managers have busy schedules and are in and out of meeting all day. By giving them several options of your availability, you’ll receive a faster turn around with confirmation of your phone interview. This will also show them that you are flexible with your time, which is important during the hiring process.

Now that you have sent a response to the initial email inviting you for a phone interview, you want to make sure you have your resume and LinkedIn profile up to date. Often times it takes months to hear back from someone after applying for a job. In that time, you may have more to add or update on your resume. This would be the time to edit your resume to send to the recruiter or hiring manger so that they have your most recent document. Updating your LinkedIn profile is good too, because some interviewers like to lookup their interviewees before the interview.

After receiving your phone interview confirmation from the recruiter or hiring manager, send them your contact information and resume. Yes, they may already have it. But you want to make sure they have all the correct and most recent information. Also, be sure to confirm weather they expect you to give them a call or if they will call you.

Here are a few tips I suggest you do leading up to the day of your interview:

  • Search for the recruiter or hiring manager on LinkedIn, just to get a glance at their background.
  • Print yourself a copy of the job spec and highlight things you want to be sure to mention in the phone interview
  • Prepare at least three question to ask the interviewer
  • View the company website and get yourself familiar with what the company does and some of there latest press releases

Now it is the day of your interview.

  • Make sure you have a quiet area to take your phone call without any interruptions.
  • Make sure you phone is charged completely (if you will be using a mobile device)
  • Be on stand by at least 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled phone interview, in case they call in a bit early
  • Wear a smile the entire time. Even though you are communicating via telephone your smile will not go unnoticed

Most importantly, after you interview has ended send the interviewer a quick and simple thank you email. Remember if you are speaking with a recruiter the goal is to be a recommended candidate for the job leading to an interview with someone from the company. If you are speaking with a hiring manager the goal is to land a face to face interview the manager of the position.


A Passionista always takes the necessary steps to be ahead of the game at all times….


Good Luck !


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