Tuesday Mornings Haul

Passionistas… It’s Friday, so I went shopping.

Tuesday Mornings is one of my favorite stores, and its been months since I shopped in one. So instead of sitting in traffic, I went to Tuesday Mornings. I honestly spent 2 hours walking up an down the aisle of this store, on Pinterest and just browsing.

Look at what I got …


PLANTS for $3.99 ea. I have never been into flowers. Usually when I get flowers I let them dry, I dont even try to keep them alive. But for some reason, I want to try to grow these dinner flowers into beautiful display.


A new make-up bag marked down from $7.99 to $3.19. Not a bad deal- and a girl can never have too many cosmetic bags.


From $10.99 to $8.79 this storage box is exactly what I need. As a event planner and quilter, I have supplies all over my house. I try to keep everything in one area, but that can be hard. So I have found that these storage boxes come in handy for the closet and under the bed. I honestly wish they had more, I would have bought them all.



Stickers from $0.99 to only $.0.59. Did I need these? No. Do I know what I will use them for? No. But for only a fwe cents, I know they will come in handy one day or another.


Seasings are everything. And since I am challenging myself to cook more than I eat out, I’ve found myself on the seassoning aisle of every store selling them. ONly $2.99


Now, if you follow Passion Locked frequently, you know I have a love for quilting. So the Memory Quilt Kit was like the first thing I put in my shopping cart. I can’t wait until I have some time to play with it. Only $5.39


A girl can never have too many laundry bags. They are good for closets, bedroom, bathrooms, and travel. These two are super cute and for only $3.99 ea. I had to have them.


I love stationary! If you every order a quilt or Kreative Passion item, just know that your order will come with a handwritten thank you card, soecial from me. So for $1.19, I could’t leave it on the shelf. Of course I wish they had more, cause I will buy them all.


I know this is like my third haul within two weeks, I guess you all can see I have been shopping. I hope you don’t mind but I love sharing them with you.


Until next time….



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