Teavana Favorites

Hello Passionistas!

It is no secret that I love tea. Last week I took a trip to Teavana to get new summertime tea.

I normally go to teavana once in the summer and once in the winter and buy my tea in bulks. I enjoy brewing a fresh pitcher of tea every Sunday to have for the week.

On a weekly basis, I say that the hardest decision I have to make is my nail color. Until I go into teavana. I think its because I don’t go in the store often and when I do I like to get 4 different blends in bulk. But if you’ve ever been in Teavana you know they have a wall of nothing but tea behind the counter. So I literally stand there for what seems like forever, making my decision. So this is what I got this time:


Hot Pink Lemonade – Citrus Tea

Strawberry Daiquiri -Blended Tea

Strawberry Slender Pu-Erh- Flavored Black Tea

Mandarin Mimosa – Blended Tea

Natural Belgian Rock Sugar


In the store, they bag the loose leaf in paper bags. When I get home, I transfer them into my tea canisters for storage.




Mandarin Mimosa is a blend of two types of loose leaf teas. When I was in the store they were sampling this one. I had like 3 cups as I made up my mind about what I wanted. It was really good, more fruity than sweet.

Hot Pink Lemonade is a citrus tea. I have never tried it before but I thought it would be a good summer time tea that I can mix with fresh squeezed lemonade.

Strawberry Slender is a flavored black tea. I have purchased this tea many times before. I like to mix with pineapple juice and add slices of strawberries.

Strawberry Daiquiri is also a new buy for me. It is a blend of two types of loose leaf teas as well. The loose leaves were sampled in a dish and it smelled so wonderful and fruity. I just had to have it. This tea is actually really heavy with dried fruit, so it may look like you’re only getting a little bit. But a little bit goes a long way.

Until next time,



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