Things Millenials Do: Sip N’ Paint

Hi Passionista-

I absolutely love Sip N’ Paint. I think the entire concept is soooooo relaxing.

I have been like 3 times and I wish I could go even more. I went the first time for my 24th birthday with some friends.

I went again with some members from my alumni group.

And the last time I went was when a few of my cousins came to visit.

Y’all know I am a creative soul and I appreciate all forms of art. So being able to create my own art that I can display in my home is so kool to me. Honestly my goal is to go enough times to make a collage of my paints in my home (whenever I decide to buy one).

I’m actually planning a mommy daughter night for me and my friends with our moms soon- this could be another time I get to go…

If you are in the atlanta area, check out Creavtive Connections in North Dekalb Mall. you can purchase a $16 groupon for a 2- hour class. The instruction is very talented and the class is always a joy.


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