Blogmas Day 5: Teavana Shopping Haul

It’s Blogmas Day 5!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all are enjoying my blogmas posts…

Starbucks is closing all the Teavana store fronts. has already closed. Luckily I was able to order some of my favorites and some teas I’ve never tried before. Tea is important during the winter season.

Here’s what I got:


Blueberry Bliss Rooibos Tea

This is one of my summer favorites. I love this tea because it has a rich scent of blueberry and tastes good brewed cold or hot.

Dragonfruit Devotion

This flavoured herbal tea blend is a re-purchase item for me. It is a summer tea mixed with hibiscus, dragon fruit, guava and mango. YES, I know it’s winter and this is summer tea. But with Teavana going out of business I can’t take any risk of not having this tea for the summer. I’ve never had it as a hot tea. I always brew it then chill over iced with pineapples. So, I will just save it for summer.


Pineapple Kona Pop

This is a first time buy for me, but I did samples in store during one of my visits to the mall. It is a pineapple and citrus infusion with a light floral undertone herbal tea. I think this one will be great hot or cold. I can’t wait to make myself  a tall glass.


Recover Wellness Tea

This is a first time buy for me and I bought plenty of it.This is a detox green tea mixed with pineapple, citrus and mint- with no caffeine.


This was a special offer tea that I have never tried before. So I’m excited to try this herbal infused green tea.


Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom

This is my favorite tea. I am going to miss it!!!!

The youthberry is great white and herbal teas  for the summer chilled over frozen mixed fruit.

I may try it brewed hot with cranberries for the holidays.

I am going to miss taking my trips to Teavana once all the store fronts. But, I have heard through the grapevine, Teavana will be soon sold as packaged beverages in stores. I will definitely be purchasing. But I will need to find a new place to get my loose leaf tea.

Any suggestions where I should look to purchase my loose leaf teas now? Comment below.  

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