My trip to Israel

Hello Passionistas!

By nights (and on weekends) I am a blogger and event planner, but by day I am a Project Manager. It’s a really busy lifestyle. Yet rewarding in its own ways.

A few weeks ago, my day job caused for me to travel to Israel. I’d never been to Israel, so I was ready to soak up the culture and experience something new. Especially when not all the expenses were out of my pocket 😉.

During my visit, I stayed in Tel Aviv (Jeffa) at the Rothschild 22 Hotel –located in this nice Manhattan -ish area surrounded with food stands, wide variety of restaurants, shops, and walking distance from the beach. The entire hotel was gorgeous. It truly gave me New York vibes, like upper east side. Not everyone spoke English, but the staff were as helpful as they could be. Customer service and guest service was greater than I expected.

I stayed in a executive suite with an amazing view. Every morning when I woke up at 3 or 4am (because my body wasn’t used to the time change), I would sit by the window and lookout to the see the start of the morning hustle and bustle.

The hotel food was amazing. The hotel reservation includes buffet style breakfast and a snack bar. People always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I don’t really have a full breakfast. But every morning there was a full breakfast buffet at the hotel, and everyday it was something different. I tried so many dishes.


There was even a juicer and fresh fruit for guest to make fresh squeezed juice.


I am not a coffee person, I perfer tea or hot coco. Every morning I had a cup of the best hot coco ever. It was made with real chucks of chocolate melted with steamed milk. So rich and flavorful.


It doesn’t stop there. Dinner was an adventure every night. On the strip of the hotel there was several food stands. I love the idae of these mini restaurants. In the states we have food trucks, but I’ve never seen food stands like this- where you can order food, dine, and enjoy the environment. One night for dinner, I ate at SuSu & Sons– amazing food.


I had a burger, sweet potato fries and fried cheddar mash potato bites.


My favorite ……. Frozen Yogart !!!!!!!!!


Although this was a business trip, I still managed to get some shopping and touring in. Stay tuned for my next blog, sharing my experience durng my tour of The Old City.

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