LipStick of the Week

Hello Passionistas!

It’s Friday Eve and I couldn’t be more ready for this Labor Day weekend.

I want Barbarque, Margaritas and Sunshine !!!!

After Labor Day comes my favorite season of the year that rarely fits Georgia…. Fall! I’m excited and ready to pull out my cardigans, booties, blanket, and oversized coffee mugs. I’ve even started collecting my lip colors for this fall season and decided I would start a new segment, “Lipstick of the Week”. Once a week I will be sharing all of my Snapchat filtered kissy face photos with you, showing off my favorite lipsticks.

Lipstick is my favorite and most worn makeup item. Even if I don’t have on foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, etc … I will have on some BOMB lipstick.

This week’s lipstick

Farres Cosmetic Liquid Lipstick in the color Kourt

Purchase on IG @shopzajnow

Be sure to check out the @showzajnow IG shop for more color and other unique items

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