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Hello Passionista, 

I met her freshman year of college (Albany State University), we were assigned the same dorm hall. As sophomores, we held down the E-board for Pre-Alumni back in 2010 and begin a lifelong bond of good memories and fun times. Fast forward almost ten years she is excelling in her career, a Mom and a business owner. Behind very pretty picture there is a story and Robin painted her story into a business venue and motivational movement for Working Moms. 

Welcome Guest Blogger and Passionista , Robin Okwusa

November 28th 2017 is the day I got powers that I never knew one could possess. It’s no way to ever be ready to bring life into this world. There are no books, no YouTube tutorials or no classes that can help you become 100% prepared for this motherhood thing.

My pregnancy was smooth sailing. (Thank God!) My doctors visits became boring because I already knew how everything would go lol except for one day I had fruity pebbles and a gas station slushy before heading to my appointment! As you could imagine my baby’s heartbeat was literally on 10! I was sent to another office to be strapped up to all of these machines to monitor his heartbeat. As I was being strapped up to the machines it hit me that I was no longer living for myself and every decision that I made from the day I found out I was pregnant until forever was no longer just for and about me. I was now responsible for another human. I couldn’t wake up and not want to go anymore. I couldn’t decide to take a day off and it truly be a day off.

After my son was born I was ready to get back to work. The timing was perfect. My 6 weeks was up right when my next project was starting! The week before starting back on Greenleaf season 3 as an extras castings assistant my boss called a company meeting to go over all of our shows and projects we booked for the year and when it was time for one on ones he expressed to me that he was nervous about me coming back to work with having a new baby. I couldn’t believe that after working for this guy for 3 years on numerous projects that he would now question my work ability because of my son. If anything it would make me work harder! I now have somebody that I have to provide for! Somebody that I cannot fail by any means necessary! I brushed it off in the meeting and just simply told him that I was more than ready to get back to work and he had nothing to worry about.
My son’s dad has so much family that love our son that we would never have to worry about not having somebody to look after him. I felt that it was unfair that I would have to even express all of that to my boss so I didn’t. All he needed to know was that I could still be the hard working employee that I had been for the past 3 years.

After leaving that meeting I literally cried all the way to my sons grandmother’s house. I was just that upset! And that is how my brand “WORKING MOM” came about! Anger and motivation mixed together! The tag line “My Blessing Is Not A Burden” is exactly how I feel about my son! He won’t get in the way of me reaching my dreams and attaining my goals!

It’s very unfair that mothers get denied jobs and questioned about their abilities because of their children! It’s so much that I want to do with the brand “WORKING MOM”. The t-shirts just aren’t enough but it’s a start. My son will be one soon and I have been working the whole time he’s been here so I know what it is to be a “WORKING MOM”! It’s not easy! We need help and we won’t say we need help. I want to start a support group that meets up, not only just to express ourselves and tell our stories but to also plan trips, go out and dance, have play dates with the kids! All of that! I’ve learned when we begin to share our stories we see that it’s so many women that go through the same things and once we begin to share it feels so good to know you aren’t alone and listening actually helps!

My launch party for my brand “WORKING MOM” was in June! The support my friends and family showed was so overwhelming! I honestly didn’t know what to expect but I knew at that moment that I had something great! Something relatable and something necessary! My friends that weren’t even moms let alone women found a way to support me! My goal for “WORKING MOM” is to be a voice for all working moms! From Serena Williams to the First Lady at the church!

I’m currently working on a website for “WORKING MOM” that will have merchandise for sale and also will be a way to share advice and help for other working moms through events and meet up group sessions! It’s not easy so it won’t happen quick but it will happen!

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