January Favorites

Hi Passionista!

As we say good bye to January and Hello February, I want to share some of the products I have been obsessed with this month.

Kinga Facial Steamer

I was blessed with this amazing facial steamer as a Christmas gift. I was watching a favorites video from the Glam Twinz on youtube and they recommended this facial steamers. I put it on my Amazon wishlist and one of my besties bought it for me. I ABSOLUTELY love it. I use it about once a week when I do a clay or detoxifying mask. It’s simple to use and works wonders on your face. It truly gives me an at home spa experience. The steamer has a small water tank. It only take a few seconds to start steaming once you turn it on and it run strong for at least 15-20 minutes.

Juvia’s Nubian 2 Eye Palette

For New Year’s I was looking for a new eye shadow palette to attempt to do my own make up for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. I discovered the Juvia brand in ULTA when I went in for my lash appointment. I was shocked at how pigmented the color are for such a low price. This palette was only $20. I’m normally not big on bold eye colors, especially when I;m doing my make up myself. But… New Year, New Me! I thought I’d try something new and I loved it.

Yes To Cucumber Cooling Roller

I discovered this new to market Yes To product in Target. It has a metal cooling rolling ball that allows you to roll the product on your face cool and calm sensitive skin. I have been using this product daily. It a great way to end the day and get rid of all the grit and grime from everyday activity. I appreciate hands -free/ mess -free beauty products. With this product I don’t have to use my hands to put the product on my face. I love that because I try to keep my hand off my face as must as possible. 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream

This is my new favorite lotion. I normally use body oil to moisturize my skin daily. But I am loving how lightweight and hydrating this gel cream lotion is. It it packed with hyaluronic acid which is basically water- and nourishing for your skin. Keep the Skin hydrated!

Michael Kors Wonderlust Perfume

I received a the sample size (.34 fl oz )perfume as a christmas gift. I am impressed with the scent and how strong and long lasting it is. Before receiving this as a gift, I’d never used it before or knew what it smelled like. But I was looking for a new mature perfume to use. I normally don’t buy expensive perfumes or designer perfumes. I’m more of a Victoria Secret/ Bath and Body works girl. But I will add this full size bottle to my “need to purchase” list. I love how the scent lingers and last all day.

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