DIY Quilting 101 | Patchwork for a Simple Quilt

Hello Passionista

So, last week I introduced y’all to my quilting hobby. If you have not read that blog, stop here and go read DIY Quilting 101| How to start a Simple Quilt before reading this blog.

I am knee deep into my new quilting project. As I was sewing my patches together I ran into some issues. The top half of my patchwork looks wonderfully pleasing. But the the bottom portion lack correct measurements. Honestly, I can not tell you where I went wrong with measuring and cutting the patches. But I did find a solution to my problem.

Since I am super pleased with the top half of the pattern, I decided to add that same layout to the bottom half. This essentially will make quilt longer than originally planed, but its a plus to creating a lap quilt.


Have you started your quilt yet? How’s it going?


I will be hosting a 2 part DIY Workshop for Quilting in Atlanta, GA. If you are interested or know someone who is interested, please register for the classes.

Learn the tips and tricks to hand quilting in 2 workshops. Each person will create a 36″ x 48″ baby quilt. Supplies and fabric will be provide, but participants are definitely welcomed to bring their own.

Beginner Hand Quilting 101 part 1

Beginner Hand Quilting 101 Part 2

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