Blogmas Day 1 | Happy Blogmas

Hello Passionista!

Today is 1st day of Blogmas.

This month, I will be gracing you with 25 (including this one) amazing blogmas posts in celebration of my favorite time of year. Let’s Recap last year…

Last year, I successfully completed blogmas and was proud of the content and blogging routine I developed. Here are a few tips to guide any blogger through this month:

#1 Create a content calendar.

From Unsplash @giulia_bertelli

I used Canva to create my content calendar. It has been the best resource for helping me prepare content for blogmas.

#2 Jot down all your ideas for each post.

From Unsplash @demacinnes

I tend to come up with ideas and quickly forget them. So, I use the notes and voice record apps on my phone to keep my ideas safe from my forgetful mind.

#3 Set time to create and write.

From Unsplash @arnellhasanovic

I have to schedule time on my google calendar to sit down and actually write content. Then, I have to write a list of photos and video content I need for each blog post and prioritize the list.

#4 Schedule your posts at least a week in advance.

Photo Credit @arielviews

My goal for blogmas is NOT to stress myself out with daily post. So, I have social media post and blog post pre-scheduled. In a perfect world, I would start blogmas with all post scheduled but in reality I am starting with Days 1 through 7 scheduled. Honestly this is a great head start for me. So each week I will be prepping for the next week.

#5 Engage with your audience.

I struggle with engagment sometimes. I feel like I put out content that no one looks at most of the time. But, I have started to challenge myself to ask questions in a blog post or social media post to start a conversation with my followers. This will help improve my writing and help me engage with my audience.

For all my bloggers and bloggers reading this good luck! If you haven’t started it’s not to late but you should start right now. I want to see your content to. If you have a post you’d like me to check out tag me or post the link below.

Tell me, what are you looking forward to seeing from Passion Locked this blogmas?

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