Blogmas Day 6 | Equipment I Use To Blog

Hello Passionista!

Blogging takes a lot of work. When you are a 1 women show you need equipment and tools to help make the process easier. Over the years, I have tried many different things, but I feel like I’m at a great space of creative resources now. If this world was mine and I had my way, I would have a photographer and videographer do all my images, videos, and editing. But, until I make it big and have the budget to have a fully staffed tech team for my blog and brand I do it all \AZmyself.

The main equipment I used for creating images for a blog or social media post is a tripod and ring light. I have 3 different types of tripods, they all work just about the same. I’ve just collected multiples over the years.

50 Inch Aluminum Tripod

12 Inch Flexible Tripod

50 Inch Universal Tripod

I use the 12 inch flexible tripod for hand held projects or when I’m sitting at my desk vlogging or taking pictures. Most of time I use the universal tripod for indoor and outdoor timers. These tripods make it easy to take pictures and video on your phone. I use the timer on the photo app or sometimes a bluetooth clicker.

The newest tool I’ve added to my inventory is a ring light. I was looking for a low cost solution, so I purchased this one from Facebook market for $15.00. It works perfect and has improved the quality of my photos.

Some of my digital resources are Canva, Abode Lightroom, Mojo, and Hootsuite. If you are thinking about starting a blog but concern about how you would do it. My advice to you is to just start. There are so many free tools and resources write at your fingertips with your smartphone. I have been blogging for 4 years and use my iPhone to take all pictures and record video. One day I’ll be able to add a professional camera to my inventory. But until then my iPhone 8 Plus is working perfectly. (Maybe Santa will bring me a iPhone 11 Pro, lol ).

To all my fellow blogger, TELL ME: What equipment and resources are you using to create content?

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