Blogmas Day 10| Do you trash your expired beauty products?

Hello Passionista!

Okay, Beauties! We have to talk about expired beauty products. If I’m being honest I just started paying attention the expiration icon on my beauty products, meaning skincare and makeup.

Have you ever since this icon on your beauty products before?

This icon meaning that your product is good for 12 months. Depending on the product the icon may read 6M, 12M, 18M,or 14M. Most cosmetic products should have a shelf life of at least 2 years before its considered no longer any good to use. Only products with active ingredients like acne meds in it have expiration dates with a specific date on it.

A few days ago I went through all of my products to check the expiration dates and this is what I have to get rid of.

I was slightly sad about the eye shadow palettes because as you can see from the picture I barely used them. I was really upset about my skincare products because I WANT THEM.

Here’s my issue? If I purchase a product in May for example and the label has a 12 month icon on it how am I suppose to keep up with the date for when I should throw the product out. Also, if I’m purchasing a product in May, how am I suppose to know how long that product has been on the shelf or in warehouse storage since manufacturing. THIS ICON IS ACTUALLY POINTLESS. It’s not telling me anything.

Here’s my dilemma? Some skincare products will start to look or feel different once the expiration date has passed. This may cause break outs on your skin, and no one wants breakout. Picture below is what the expired product from my collection looks like months after the advertised expiration date. None of the formula look watery or like they have started separating the oils from the soild ingredients, which is a good thing. But I still decided to trash them anyways.

As a beauty influencer, I have a lot of beauty products. I may use a product for a month or 2 then I’m on to trying something else for content purposes. So it rare that I finish an entire bottle of something before the expiration date. Should companies produce smaller packaging sizes? I would appreciate smaller packaging that I know I will use entirely rather than wasting perfect good product.

Let’s discuss… Tell me

Do you pay attention to the expiration date on beauty products?

Do you use your products completely or do they go to waste?

Have you experienced a break out due to a product being old?

8 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 10| Do you trash your expired beauty products?

  1. I totally agree hun, I’ve got tons of eyeshadow palettes that I barely use and most probably they have all expired by now.. 😭 I’m trying to be very good with my cosmetic purchases recently and those as a great reminder x


  2. I adhere to the date to an extent, I’ll keep it for however long it says after I open it and maybe a bit longer if I don’t think it’s causing me a problem. The only things I notice causing me issues if they’re expired is mascara and eyeliner because they make my eyes sting and itch. Not ideal! xxx

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  3. Its saddening to see all those products waste away! I mean the packaging and the consistency is all nice and the palettes look as if they’re almost new; however, we have to weigh the pros and cons- I mean compare the money going to waste for throwing barely used products away versus your own health and the quality of your skin.

    It might be tedious but the products I buy usually have specific manufacturing dates so I can easily track them. Maybe we have to create a list so it’s easier to track those products that are near the expiry date HAHA. However, since I usually stick with my routine regularly, I come across this problem barely, or if ever I’ll be throwing the product with minimal content so I got my money’s worth.


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