Blogmas 13 | 8 Blogging Apps I Use and Recommend

Hello Passionista

There is a lot that comes with blogging. You have to come up with blog ideas for content, then plan how to create the content, then do what you planned to do, then edit photos and video, then create the complete blog, then make social media posts to share it, then schedule all that to post. Yes, A LOT!!!! I am always looking for tips and tricks and apps and tools to make my life as a blogger easier.

Last week I share the equipment I use to blog in a post. This week I want to share with you some of the apps I use to create my content. I’m no professional by far, but every week I am learning. I’ve been doing this blogging thing for almost 4 years, often time I go back to some of the blogs I created in my first year of blogging. There is growth, lol. My photo quality has gotten better, but still not where I want it to be. My content and creativity has expanded.

I use my iPhone and computer to create content. Mostly my iPhone to take picture, edit them, and post on social media. There are the apps that helps make my life easier.


I use Hootsuite to schedule content for social media post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This app is extremely useful when it comes to pre planning. On a regular basis I try to have each week blog post and all the supporting social media post scheduled by Sunday. This helps so that I don’t have to physically stop what I’m doing each day to make a social media post. Around this time of year (blogmas), this app is my best friend.


Now, Canva makes me feel like a graphic artist when it comes to designing flyer, postcards, and social media post for my blog and my business. I have never used a graphic artists to do anything for me outside of designing a logo. Everything I do myself with Canva. It’s free and has so many templates for you to choose from.


Up until this summer I never used stock images. I would take every picture that you see on my website. This summer I came across Unsplash and became open to the idea of using stock images for some of my blog post. Unsplash has so many photos from all types of categories. You can find just about everything on this app. It has really came in handy lately. I still want most of the pictures on my page to be original and created by me. But it nice to have the option when I need it.


I use mojo more for my event planning business than for blogging. But it helps me create quality Instagram stories that fuel the marketing campaigns I am running. I’ve created several ads for my business with this app that has gotten me business leads.


I’m going to be honest, Abode Lightroom is a little confusing. It has taken me c=some time to get used to it. But there is nothing you can’t learn on YouTube. So I have used YouTube as a training source to teach me how to use Lightroom for editing and touching up pictures. It mostly thing like making a picture brighter or getting rid of a shadow. But it has come in handy and helped make my iPhone photography look a bit more professional.


Splice is one of those apps that give you like 2 weeks free, then you have to pay. So each time I use it I sign up with a different email address (but don’t tell anyone, lol). Splice is how I edit my videos. It rare that I post a video because I don’t know how to edit and make it look good. But Splice makes it simple and easy to do.


I learned about Ripl at a Facebook conference I attended this summer and its great for creating business ads. I have played around with it some but haven’t released the content I’ve created yet. I’ve used it mostly for business use. But they have a lot of templates that you can customize to your liking.


Tribe is a app for influencers to collaborate with brands on campaigns. There are a lot of campaigns to choose from. This is a great way to start working with brands if you haven’t before. Also a great way to get your blog out there for brands to see. Some of the campaigns require you to make a purchase, I tend to stay away from those.

I was not paid to share this with y’all, these are my honest opinions because they have truly helped me. All of these apps have free options with some paid offerings. I will be honest I don’t pay for anything. I use the free version for each app. But I highly recommend these apps to any one who is interested in blogging or have started a blog and looking for tools to make the process easier.

Tell me, what other apps are you using to create content?

6 thoughts on “Blogmas 13 | 8 Blogging Apps I Use and Recommend

  1. Canva is LIFE! I’m not a graphic designer by any means, and it has helped SO much for everything from my blog to my YouTube channel. Such a lifesaver!


      1. Are you talking about the thumbnails and/or channel art? if so, then yes! All of the logos and in-video graphics are done in Photoshop with my very limited skills. 😉


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