Blogmas Day 20| Goals for 2020

Hello Passionista!

Can you believe we are 12 days away from this new year? It really seems like this year has flew by so quickly. But, I’m excited for what 2020 has to offer.

New Goals. New Projects. New Money. New Challenges. New Prayers. New Growth. New Blessings. All of that!!!

This year I experienced a lot of major changes in my life. It has taken me some time to get used to my new situations. One thing that I’ve learned is that I have to get used to being uncomfortable to evolve in life. When it comes to my professional life, love life, and relationships with other people it’s important to understand that things change. Life goes on and everyday is not the same, so every situation is not going to stay the same.

I had to be real with myself and admit I put too much pressure on myself with setting goals this year. I made about 10 goals that I wanted to achieve this year between my personal life, my professional life and my blogging lifestyle. And a few months ago I broke down, which made me realize I wasn’t living. I was working everyday from start to finish to achieve he goals I had set for myself in order to feel accomplished. The feeling of being accomplished doesn’t last long for me. So day after day ever aspect of my life was a piece of work. I was such a HOT MESS!!!

Moving forward, I’m working on living in the moment and enjoying everyday I’m blessed to still be on this earth. Blogging is a major part of my life and my vision for how I want this blog to take off is huge. So don’t look for me to stop or slow down anytime soon. Sis, I’m inspired!

For 2020 I am only setting 3 goals to focus on when it comes to my brand in the making (The Passionista x PassionLocked):

Goal #1: Establish a mailing list and create a monthly newsletter.

This is something I should have been started doing but just haven’t. Honestly for a long time I felt like no on read my blogs or even visited my website 🙄 lol. But this year I really saw growth in my blog and a deal of support from my viewers. So I guess that makes me confident enough to start a mailing list. A monthly newsletter will help me engage more intimately with my subscribers and offer exclusive content.

Goal #2: Pre-plan content for weekly post using a content calendar.

This blogmas is the first time I have successful created a content calendar and followed it to create content to post (so far). I’ve attempted in the past and wasn’t consistent. I plan to be more intentional about the content I’m creating.

Goal #3: Work with 5 brands for paid influencer campaigns.

This year I wanted to work with brands and I made a goal to do so. I successfully worked with 6 brands this year. Now I want to elevate to more paid campaigns and sponsorships.

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