3 Simple Date Night Ideas

Hello Passionista!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! If you haven’t planned anything for you and your boo, don’t worry I have a few date night ideas that you’re sure to enjoy.

#1 Dinner and a Silent Movie

Spend some time in the kitchen with your boo cooking y’all’s favorite meal. Then pick a movie neither one of you have seen and watching it on mute as you have dinner. See what type of conversation you spark from watching a silent movie.

#2 Late Night Snacks Under the Stars

Grab you’re favorite snacks and some blankets and pillows, go outside to a stary around after dark and spend some quality time under the stars.

#3 At-Home Sip N’ Paint

You can find a instructed painting tutorial on YouTube, guided just like the Sip N’ Paint experience. Just purchase your canvas, acrylic paint, and brushes. If you and your boo are advanced in the craft department, try painting Portraits of each other.

Tip: Shop in Five Below for your supplies. I found a 2 pack of 8in x 10in canvas for $4 and a paint brush set for $5. They have table easels as well.

Before you go enjoy these Valentine’s pictures I took at this beautiful magically place I found called The Tree Room in Athens, GA.

I hope you have a blissful Valentine’s Day!

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