Come with me to the Pinner’s Conference

This year I attended the Pinner’s Conference with my craft bestie, Bianca in Atlanta. We both attending the conference last year and enjoyed ourselves so we decided to go again. The conference is a 2 day event of vendor, classes and craft demos.

Chalk Couture sponsored a craft class making craft frames that are great for decorating your home or spending time with family, friends and loved ones. I am exciting to have learned this technique to make new pieces for my home and house warming gifts for my friends.

We also watched a short demonstration of macrame earrings and made a pair for ourselves. The process was so simple and easy. I can’t wait to pair my new earrings with a cute s

Bianca and I host a monthly podcast called Crafty Conversations, where we make shit and talk shit in our pajamas on the pink couch. Watch on YouTube or listen anywhere you listen to your podcasts.

Before you go, check out the 2021 Pinterest Conference Vlog.

Gettin’ Sexy For My 30th Birthday

Hey Passionista!

I can’t believe I am 30. Well I’ve been 30 for a couple of months and it still feel unreal to me. But 30 will be a blessed year and decade. Before my birthday I decided to do a Boudoir photoshoot to celebrate turning 30. I had so many mixed feeling about doing this photoshoot and sharing them on the internet. But the more I thought about it… I more I felt like YOLO!!!!!

Today I am going to be sharing my behind the scenes/ get ready with me content of me getting ready for my 30th Birthday Boudoir Photoshoot. I wanted to do something outside of my comfort zone by doing something, “Grown & Sexy”. I booked my session with Bad Kitty Photography in Atlanta, GA.

If you follow my social media, you’ve already seen all the pictures that I’m going to share from this experience. I selected a few that I’m going to to keep to myself, because everything doesn’t need to go on the internet. Overall, I am proud of myself for actually doing the photoshoot and having fun with the process. I really enjoyed every part of picking out my outfits, doing my hair and nails, getting my makeup done, and having a professional take my pictures all day. I preach about inspiring women to embrace their natural beauty but this was a challenge for me. After doing, I’m so glad I did it and would 100% do it again. I felt so sexy and comfortable in my own skin. I believe that is what beauty is all about.

Let’s chat in the comments! Have you ever done a boudoir photoshoot or thought about doing one?

Grove Collaborative Unboxing | Cleaning Product Haul

Hey Passionista!

I remember waking up on Saturday mornings to the fresh scent of Pine Sol and Bleach with some ol’ skool jams playing softly as my parents indulged in the weekly cleaning routine. I used to try to stay in bed and play sleep as long as I could before my mom would burst into my room, listing out all the chores I had to get done around the house before I could go anywhere or do anything. 

Well, times have changed but not too much. I still have my weekly cleaning routine, it’s just not on Saturday morning. I’m a night owl. So, I prefer to get my cleaning done on Thursday or Friday night. Saturday mornings are meant for sleeping in (and that’s on Mary had a little lamb). These days I am a bit more environmentally conscious when it comes to household cleaning. Which is why I am so glad I discovered Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative delivers eco friendly home essentials to your front door. Today I’m sharing my second cleaning product box from the Grove Collaborative online site. 

Watch Here:

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Items I received in my 2nd Grove Collaborative Box 

Essential Cleanser Concentrates Set (Refill) Orange & Rosemary

Daily Shower Cleaner Concentrates Refills Lavender & Thyme 

Reusable Cleaning Glass Spray Bottle – Twist & Slide (Sparkling Orange)

Reusable Cleaning Glass Spray Bottle- Twist & Slide (Polished Gray)

Gifted By Grove Co.:

Rooted Beauty- Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser

Get a FREE gift set with your first order from Grove.

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Easy Charcuterie Board For Two

Heyyy Passionista! 

It’s officially picnic season! (WE OUTSIDE !!!!!!) 

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with charcuterie boards. I thought it would be cute to create an easy charcuterie board for a nice sunny picnic. 

Watch Here

This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are my own. 

First Time Attending The Pinner’s Conference in Atlanta GA

Hey Passionista! 

I’m a crafty girl that loves a good DIY project. About 2 weeks ago, I attended the Pinner’s Conference in Atlanta, GA with my craft bestie, Bianca. This was my first time ever attending but Bianca has been several times and has even instructed a class for the conference. She’s pretty lit in this crafting world. 

The conference is a 2-day event but we purchased a one day pass to take 2 classes. So, we spent all day Friday crafting and shopping. 

Watch Here: 

First Time Attending The Pinner’s Conference in Atlanta GA

Hey Passionista! 

I’m a crafty girl that loves a good DIY project. About 2 weeks ago, I attended the Pinner’s Conference in Atlanta, GA with my craft bestie, Bianca. This was my first time ever attending but Bianca has been several times and has even instructed a class for the conference. She’s pretty lit in this crafting world. 

The conference is a 2-day event but we purchased a one day pass to take 2 classes. So, we spent all day Friday crafting and shopping. 

Watch Here: 

Cheers to 5 Years!

Hey Passionista, 

Some things look different here, right? I decided to give Passion Locked a little makeover and celebrate 5 years of blogging. That’s right! Ya girl has been a blogger for 5 years now. It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long. I am so grateful for the journey to be able to share a piece of myself on my own platform and build a community of like-minded Passionista’s. 

It all started as a hobby for me. For so long, I’d wanted my own blog but made so many excuses that prevented me from starting. As 2014 was coming to an end, my life was beginning to make a shift. I was living on my own, working a full time job, about to start grad school, and in the early stages of becoming a “real” adult.  I told myself, I would no longer make excuses and complain about the day to day of being an adult. I wanted to make room in my life for the things I am most passionate about. With no knowledge as to what I was getting myself into I just started this blog. I literally figured it out on my own, every step of the way. Passion Locked launched in January of 2015 and I’ve been rolling with the flow ever since. 

I remember my first set of blog posts were all product reviews and shopping hauls of the day to day products I use for my many talents. Soon after that, I started introducing my crafty side and blogging about the different craft projects I would be working on at the time. As I started to connect with other bloggers and follow more bloggers, I was inspired to do more. That’s when I truly started to consider myself a content creator. From creating content calendars, prepping for photoshoots, finding inspiration, and doing all the work myself; my hobby was starting to become a full time job. So that’s when I began to shift my mindset from “blogging is just a hobby” to “blogging is my passion”. 

I have always been a big dreamer with the ambition to go after everything that I want in life. When I set my mind to something there is nothing that can stop me from achieving my goals and turning my dreams into reality. For this next year of blogging I intend on being more intentional with the content I create and continue to build a community of  women with big ambition and a success mindset who pursues happiness and serves others by turning her passions into a paycheck.

I send my gratitude to you for stopping by and reading this blog, and continuing to come back week after week for all that I have to offer and share. I truly appreciate all the love and support my Passionista’s pour into me. I look forward to another 5 (+) years of big ambitions and a success mindset for  turning more my passions into paychecks, and living the life I want to live. 

I wanted to celebrate my blogiversary with an at- home photoshoot to challenge my creativity. I knew I wanted to upgrade my website, so I needed new pictures to share. I had this grand idea to create a boho chic teepee display in my backyard for some really playful pictures that

would show more of my personal style and creative abilities. My challenge was to only use things that I have at home to create this display. Here’s how the photoshoot turnt out: 

As I continue to learn and grow as a content creator I want to share my journey with y’all in hopes of inspiring you to let your creativity flow through your passions as well. Here is a behind the scenes video I put together of myself designing the display and taking my content pictures. I want to be able to share more of what goes on behind the scenes of the things I create. 



How To Do A Brain Dump | 2 Step Process to Planning

Hey Passionista

As we say good bye to 2020, and enter 2021… I want you all to do a “Brain Dump” to help you start planning your year. Doing a Brain Dump every few months will help you better organize, prioritize and set goals for yourself. I have developed a 2 step process that is super easy to follow and has been really effective for me. Take a look!

There are only 2 steps to the process, and you can’t mess it up. Trust me!

You’ll need a dry ease board or poster board, and a notebook.

First things first, set your phone timer for 20 minutes. Using your dry ease board or poster board, write down everything going on in your head for 20 minutes. Don’t worry about being neat, or forming complete sentences. Just jot everything down in 20 minutes.

When the times goes off, YOU STOP WRITING!!!!

Next, you want to review everything you wrote down and group like things together and began to organize each thing with greater details, action items, or ideas. Use your notebook to gather all your thoughts and create checklist, set deadlines and further plan out the things from your brain dump.

Continue to plan and work on these things daily. Once you have completed everything that’s when it time to perform another “Brain Dump”.

Be sure to come back and tell me all about your brain dump experience.

Do All Things With Passion!

Work with me | Blogmas

Hey Passionista!

I’m not only am I a blogger, I am also a entrepreneur.

I started my full time journey as a entrepreneur in May of 2019. After working in Corporate America for 6 years and starting my business as a side hustle for 4 years, I transitioned into a new world of being my own boss. The journey has been crazy, yet rewarding all at the same time.

I am the Founder & CEO of The Passion Palette. The Passion Palette is a Events & Marketing agency that works with small business to deliver project based marketing services and special event management. Today, I’m going to show you what a typical work day is like for me.

Tell me how you liked this type of content and if you would like to see more like it. Ask me questions about entrepreneurship. I’d love to share my journey.

Meet Passionista Shundra of Brown Mommy Diary

Hi Passionista!

My name is Shundra and I am the blogger of Brown Mommy Diary. Nearly a few days after I had delivered a healthy baby boy, I found myself wondering how I could encourage and provide insight through my journey. This sparked my interest in starting a blog, because motherhood is NOT easy! Brown Mommy Diary is a space for transparency through the challenges of motherhood, but it is also a space to learn how to be your best self through self-care, fashion, and so much more.

I have heard countless times that when you become parents that you have to put your life on hold. Motherhood does not have to halt your life and I am here to show you that motherhood can be fun and enjoyable while still “slayin’ for the gawds”.  

Yes, parenting is serious business, but a dose of fun makes everything worthwhile. This is why you will see my baby boy bouncing to the beat of music or a TikTok exposing my obsession of Target. I’m passionate about motherhood, but I’m also passionate about discovering my new self through this journey. I understand that motherhood is a lifestyle and it is my goal to make the transition of motherhood easier for others as they embark on this journey.

To learn more about Brown Mommy Diary, visit . In addition, follow Brown Mommy Diary on Instagram (@brownmommydiary) and Facebook (Brown Mommy Diary).

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