2018 Reflection & 2019 Goals

Hello Passionista,

2018 was a good year! So much happened. So much to be proud of. So much to be grateful for. So much meaning to life. I’ve completed yet another chapter of my journey, and so have you.

2018 I actually did some traveling. I walked the wall of the Old City in Jerusalem. I prayer at the western wall. I walked the Via Dolorosa. It’s still surreal to me. That’s something I never in a million years thought I’d do in my lifetime. It wasn’t even something that I planned, it just happened and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity. I also went to Paris…. FRANCE!!!! Although it was only for a short period of time, I saw Paris. I stood in front of The Eiffel Tower!

BEYCHELLA happened this year. I stayed up until 2am just to watch Queen B slay the stage for BEYCHELLA. The first BLACK FEMALE headline for COACHELLA (ain’t that a 🤬).

My girls and I survived a road trip to Washington DC for a music festival, in my brand new ride. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I bought my 1st car on my own.

I continued to improve my blogging skills and event planning skills to grow my business. I booked several successful events; gender revealing, baby showers, parties, and weddings. I pray for more increase in 2019.

I turned 27 years old, I’ve had to reflect on a lot things in my life that I need to work on. I’ve accepted a lot of things and I’ve made a vow to myself to change certain things. I’ve made a promise to never compromise who I am for someone else and keep my dreams alive by never giving up no matter what obstacles I may face. I’m a one women show!

  1. 2019 Goals

I want to continue providing creative content 3x a week. My goal is to be better prepared and plan out materials. I strive to have each month’s content planned out at least 2 weeks before the month begins.

I want to work with brands for brand ambassadors or sponsorship opportunities. My goals is to stay consistent and market my content through my social media channels to attract brands lookin for ambassadors or paid sponsorship programs. If I can work with at least 3 brands in 2019 that will help me take my brand to the next level.

I want to monetize my blog and brand. My goal is to make $1k per quarter as a additional stream of income for sponsorships, events, custom decor and gift, as well as starting a shop on my blog. I tried using Etsy before but I was just to complicated for me. I strongly thinking about upgrading my WordPress plan.

Career Coffee Bar

Hello Dear!

I have something from my weekend that I want to share with you all. I was super excited about it and still am.

So, Saturday morning, I hosted a CAREER COFFEE BAR. It was an idea that crossed my busy ol’ mind one day. The idea was to get my friends together and do something productive. Confession – it was only one friend  LOL

Okay let me tell you how this happened. I had this big idea in my head to host a Career Coffee Bar, where my friends and I gathered together to help each other with our career goals. I mean we help each other with so much more… make up and hair tips… dating advice… fashion tips… never anything about our career goals. So, Why not?

The Career Coffee Bar is designed to use your friends to analyze your experience and help you explore new venture to achieve your career goals. I plan on hosting a grand event with all of my friends and friends of friends, but first I wanted to test this theory of excitement. I mean I get excited about the lamest things and my friends don’t.

IMG_3966 2My good friend Myeesha (@paix_bebe) was my testee on Saturday. I made a fabulous sausage egg and cheese quiche. I prepared juice, hot tea and coffee. We sat at my breakfast table (yes, I have a breakfast table) like adults with our resumes and laptops out. The conversations wasn’t about what we wanted to do that night, or what new guy we’re seeing, or even if our lip stick was poppin’ or not… The conversation was about our goals and it wasn’t boring. We wrote out our aspirations and goals. Then we reviewed each other resume and searched for opportunities that each of us could benefit from. I even found some new LinkedIn groups to join and learned how to endorse my connections. The goal was for me to help Myeesha find new ventures to explore as she seeking to further her career, and she do the same for me. In this little amount of time, I feel like we got so much accomplished. It even helped me form a plan to work towards my career aspirations.

I can not wait to host a larger event with more friends and their friends!!!


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Story Time: I won an award

17386092_BG1Back in April of 2012, I was a student at Albany State University (Albany GA). As a student I was very involved on campus as well as in the community. So every year the city hosts an Albany Area Black Expo, a week of events around celebrating education, businesses, and new ventures. One of the events they always host during this week is the Women of Purpose Luncheon. There is celebrity speaker at this event and awards for women of ambition, empowerment, scholarship virtue and vision are awarded.

In 2012, I knew nothing about this event or the awards. My mentor (Kaleb Briscoe) called me one day and told me she was getting an award and she wanted me to come to the luncheon with her. I was super proud of her, so of course I planned to be there. Like a day or two before the event she called me again and was like, “make sure you press your hair and look really cute, our picture will be in the newspaper.” I’m thinking to myself, “why would I be in the picture, I’m not taking no picture for the paper.” The morning of the event I still knew nothing about the awards she is receiving or anything, I just go. With my newly natural puff (hair), no necklace, and no make-up. I put on a nice suit but I wasn’t looking my best at all. I mean I was going to support my mentor, not win the best dressed award.

17414572_BG1When I get to the luncheon, we get seated. There is no one there for my mentor but me. So I asking about her mom and friends, like where are they? Aren’t they coming too? The event starts and I am shocked to see that my Advisor and role model Ms. Wilson is the host of the event. She introduces the speaker, Jasmine Guy. I sit in amazement. Whitley from A Different World!!!! I loved that show. I don’t even remember what she spoke about all I know is it was Jasmine Guy speaking right in front of me. The beautiful dancer and actress is in the same room and I am. Felt like a dream. After her speech, the award ceremony began. Ms. Wilson started to introduce the award for Women of Ambition, Kaleb looks at me a smiles. So I’m sitting up tall ready to give the biggest hand clap I can give in a formal setting as congratulations to her. Ms. Wilson is giving her all types of wonderful compliments as she introduces the award. It never dawned on my on me that she was describing me. I’m focused on Kaleb. DSC_6972So as she calls MY NAME for the award, I looking at Kaleb like girl go get your awards, everyone’s clapping. And Kaleb is looking at me like girl she called your name. I’ve never been surprised like this before. I mean I instantly got hot and turned red-ish, I was even shaking. Like I walked across stage looking at her like “why didn’t you tell me”. I was so nervous that when they put the award in my hand, I dropped it. The award… I dropped it, right before the picture. Embarrassing!!!




Jasmine Guy and Khadijah Nuriddin

But at the end of the day, this was one of my most memorable college moments. At this moment, I realized that others see all the hard out I was putting into my academics, extra curricular and community engagement. Truly one moment I’ll never forget. And I got to take a picture with Jasmine Guy! My mommy and Granny were jealous when I called to tell them what happened. Well not so much jealous, but more Proud of me.




It’s GRADUATION time!!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been helping my friends and family members celebrate milestone accomplishments of graduating from high school or college. It has been a joyous time watching my friends, old classmates, and colleagues celebrate their accomplishment. But I think the proudest moment will come tonight as I watch my baby cousin watch across the stage to receive her high school diploma.  Not only is she graduating but she is graduating with honor’s, ranked number 14 in her class. Can you say #blackexcellence?

I am extremely proud of her and as she prepares for college I want to make sure I can help in every way. Seeing as undergraduate was only a few moons past for me, I can help prepare her with the things most people wouldn’t even think of. So as a gift I put together a little something something.

IMG_0136I put together a dorm room storage gift of the little things she’ll need to start her new live in a traditional style dorm. The three drawer storage container will be great for her dorm room to provide her extra space for the personals. I packed the bottom drawer with personals that comes in handy to every college student. Its filled with

  • Pads and tampons
  • Shower gel
  • Facial cleansing wipes
  • Toothpaste and mouthwash
  • Kleenex
  • First Aid Kit
  • And a few others


The middle drawer is filled with cleaning supplies. As a college student living in a traditional style dorm, I found myself always wiping stuff down and spraying everything. This drawer is packed with

  • Wet Nap wipes
  • Dawn dish soap
  • Lysol wipes
  • Scrubbing pads
  • Windex wipes
  • Hand towels
  • Comic spray
  • Hand sanitizer

IMG_0137And then there is the top drawer. Unlike grade school, colleges don’t send out school supply list.  I remember buying so many school supplies for college and never used any of them. I mean I bought a trapper keeper. Like what grade did I think I was going to. Here is mainly all you need for college

  • Spiral notebooks
  • Composition book
  • Calendar/ agenda
  • Index cards
  • Blue and black ball point pens
  • Pencils
  • Highlights
  • Post it Notes
  • Tabs
  • Staplers
  • Paper clips

Now to complete my Dorm Room delight, I made a no-sew flannel blanket, using her high school colors and mascot. And added a graduate photo album to help her cherish the brightest moments of high school.


3 ways to own your day


Good Day Friends …

I am not a morning person at ALLLLLL. Mornings are so hard for me; no matter what time I wake up or go to bed. Sometimes the attitude I wake up with can effect the type of day I have. And that’s not good. So to help me through the days of the horrible work week, I have identified three things that will helps me, own my day. I have found that the only way to get through each and every day is if you take control. You have to own it… for yourself, so that everyone else knows. Here’s three ways to own your day.

First and foremost, you’ll need a clear state of mind.

9371373e90df7fac0167deec4bcaf464Each and every morning I wake up; I have to clear my head. I push out all the negative emotions of not wanting to do whatever it is I don’t want to do. I talk to myself. No, I’m not crazy and I don’t answer myself. But I simply coach myself through my day ahead. As I go through my morning routine I speak positivity over my day, I pray, and I prepare myself for the things I have to get done in that day. Before I get in my car and head to work or wherever the day leads me, I am mentally prepared.

Secondly you’ll need a Positive Attitude and Open Mind.

e768d48b7279caca494e1ed4956a3e08A smile will take you a long way and you never know who it will help. I know it can be hard to do all the time but smiling and being pleasant to others brings happiness to my day when it appreciated. As adventurous as I like to think I am, sometimes I can be close minded about things I’m unfamiliar with. So with a positive attitude I have an open mind to try new things and experience something new each and every day.

Lastly, you’ll need to develop a working but realistic To Do List.

I know you all know the feeling of having so much to do and so little time. To make sure I stay in control of my day, I develop a to do list in my phone. Starting the the morning I list everything I can think of that I should do in that day. I try to keep it realistic, because I don’t want to end my day with only 10 of 59f79db1a4de0feb21fd4e7153a1868d50 things completed. The goal is to complete everything on my to do list per day. And it really helps you see just how you can own your day by the small thing you accomplish throughout the day. If I know I have this, that and the third to accomplish by the end of the day. I am going to work towards completing one thing at a time so I may move on to the next. The feeling of seeing every thing crossed off my list at the end of the day makes me feel in control.


I own the day and you can too.



Let Your Light Shine

Happy Saturday Sunshine

It’s just a pretty day outside in Atlanta, GA.

I have been laying on my sofa procrastinating about cleaning and doing school work. I happened glance over at my book shelf. And thought I’d share, my little creation! This bookshelf is where I let me light shine, its near and dear to my heart.

Sometimes I feel like I should be somewhere else. I feel like at the age of 24 I should be a star in my career, always happy, traveling, and being free. But often times my life is nothing like that. And I let it get me down. But then I remember that it will all happen in due time.

I mean, I’ve been having these deep conversations with my family and close friends for weeks about where society thinks a 24-year-old should be in life. Ideally, I should be a college graduate working on my master’s degree, with a 5-five job that I love, making 60k+ a year, living in the city with the man of my dreams, either married or engaged, working on kids, and whatever else century-old fairytales tell us. But in reality, I have a college degree, working and going to school (working on my M.B.A) full time, dating but not ready for the marriage life, and still making crazy decision and being wild when I feel like it. AND IT’S OKAY!!!! Really!!! I’m fine with it. And who care what society feels about me. I live in my own world and move the way I want to move.

Sometimes this gets me down but I have to remember to LET MY LIGHT SHINE. So in my apartment I have this little wooden bookshelf in the corner. This is my light, my shine and my accomplishment on display. This is my personal little reminder that I am GREAT! It pushes me to realize that I’m on the right path. Not matter what anyone else thinks.

IMG_5808I have stuffed this book shelf with all my of memories and accomplishes. Things like my high school and undergrad diploma’s, plaques and trophies, College and Greek paraphernalia, pictures and photo albums of friends and family… all of my greatness on display. Not to brag, but as a self reminder that I have accomplished all of this and there’s so much more for me to accomplish.

Enjoy the young life and remember to LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE. And if you need reminders set a designated place in your home to showcase your accomplishments!

Thanks for stopping by my little blog and be sure to visit PassionLocked again. Enjoy this beautiful weather and see you next week!

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