New Beginnings

Hello Passionistas!

It has been too long since I’ve written a blog post. But I have been super busy, making boss moves. I recently completed all of my course requirements for grad school. That’s right! Your girl will be walking across the stage in May for her M.B.A. I am also getting my ducks in a row for my new business venue. And I am taking more time out spend with my family and friends. But that’s not all…. FINALLY I have some exciting news to share with all of you.

 I SAID YESSSS…. To a new job!!!!! Lol



Today is the start of my second week at my new job and I could not be happier. If you have been following PassionLocked over the pass couple of months, you’ve seen my post about the JOB HUNT.

Wait. Stop. If you have not read Apply Yourself!, The Job Seeker or The 31-Day Challenge,  please go check them out and come back to this post.





I made a plan. I sought it out. I never gave up. Even now, I’m still working hard, pursing even more. So this post is dedicated to New Beginnings and Eternal Happiness.





No matter who you are and what you dream of, never let anything or anyone stop you from achieving your dreams… including yourself. Nothing happens over night, but you must keep pushing. Remember, good things come to those who wait.

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Career Coffee Bar

Hello Dear!

I have something from my weekend that I want to share with you all. I was super excited about it and still am.

So, Saturday morning, I hosted a CAREER COFFEE BAR. It was an idea that crossed my busy ol’ mind one day. The idea was to get my friends together and do something productive. Confession – it was only one friend  LOL

Okay let me tell you how this happened. I had this big idea in my head to host a Career Coffee Bar, where my friends and I gathered together to help each other with our career goals. I mean we help each other with so much more… make up and hair tips… dating advice… fashion tips… never anything about our career goals. So, Why not?

The Career Coffee Bar is designed to use your friends to analyze your experience and help you explore new venture to achieve your career goals. I plan on hosting a grand event with all of my friends and friends of friends, but first I wanted to test this theory of excitement. I mean I get excited about the lamest things and my friends don’t.

IMG_3966 2My good friend Myeesha (@paix_bebe) was my testee on Saturday. I made a fabulous sausage egg and cheese quiche. I prepared juice, hot tea and coffee. We sat at my breakfast table (yes, I have a breakfast table) like adults with our resumes and laptops out. The conversations wasn’t about what we wanted to do that night, or what new guy we’re seeing, or even if our lip stick was poppin’ or not… The conversation was about our goals and it wasn’t boring. We wrote out our aspirations and goals. Then we reviewed each other resume and searched for opportunities that each of us could benefit from. I even found some new LinkedIn groups to join and learned how to endorse my connections. The goal was for me to help Myeesha find new ventures to explore as she seeking to further her career, and she do the same for me. In this little amount of time, I feel like we got so much accomplished. It even helped me form a plan to work towards my career aspirations.

I can not wait to host a larger event with more friends and their friends!!!


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Hey lovely!

Every time I scroll down my IG time line, I am bound to see at least 3 #RELATIONSHIPGOALS post. I must admit it use to give me those, “why can’t I find a good man” thoughts. But now I just laugh, because I know that everything that glitters ain’t gold. So while my peers are all over social media with #RELATIONSHIPGOALS, I’m singing Beyoncé’s song Sorry #IAINTTHINKINGABOUTU and focusing on my Resume Goals.

So let’s talk about it. Resume Goals? What are they? Why are they important?

Resumes are a powerful tool. I don’t think there any legal job you can get without a resume. So your resume is a reflection of you. Employers see this one sheet of paper before they see you. As a young professional I find myself constantly updating my resume and LinkedIn profile. At this point in my career path, I do not have an resume objective on my resume, but my career objectives are listed on my LinkedIn Profile. Resume objectives are important to know and understand but not always share.

The number one resume objective is to obtain the job. But that’s not what you want to say to a hiring manager. So, your resume objective needs to be specific to the job. It needs to be short, sweet and to the point. This statement should address what you plan to accomplish with the company you are applying to or at least where you plan to lead your career within the company.

Okay so here’s an examples. Say you’re a college grad with not much experience but looking to start a career path: Resume Objective– “Highly-dedicated and driven business graduate seeking entry level associate brand manager position with The Coca- Cola Company.” This statement is strong because it is specific to the job being applied for and the company. By stating that you are a college grad, it let’s the hiring manager know who you are… You are a recent college grad with less experience but seeking opportunity. It’s fact and sounds better than just saying, “Recent college grad seeking entry level employment.”

Resume objective can be fun and creative. It’s all about how you sell yourself. In the hiring process you HAVE to have something that sets you aside from all other applicants. While at the entry level stage you lack experience, you’ll need to be creative about how you sell yourself. Think about Legally Blonde lol. Remember how girl printed her resume on pink scented paper. I wouldn’t recommend doing that. But in that situation it worked for her. She was creative and made her resume stand out in any stack of white paper printed resumes. She got the job. Now, I challenge you to develop your Resume Goals. Be sure to keep it short simple and sweet. Make sure its relevant and specific. Remember, the main focus is how you can benefit the company.



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Let Your Light Shine

Happy Saturday Sunshine

It’s just a pretty day outside in Atlanta, GA.

I have been laying on my sofa procrastinating about cleaning and doing school work. I happened glance over at my book shelf. And thought I’d share, my little creation! This bookshelf is where I let me light shine, its near and dear to my heart.

Sometimes I feel like I should be somewhere else. I feel like at the age of 24 I should be a star in my career, always happy, traveling, and being free. But often times my life is nothing like that. And I let it get me down. But then I remember that it will all happen in due time.

I mean, I’ve been having these deep conversations with my family and close friends for weeks about where society thinks a 24-year-old should be in life. Ideally, I should be a college graduate working on my master’s degree, with a 5-five job that I love, making 60k+ a year, living in the city with the man of my dreams, either married or engaged, working on kids, and whatever else century-old fairytales tell us. But in reality, I have a college degree, working and going to school (working on my M.B.A) full time, dating but not ready for the marriage life, and still making crazy decision and being wild when I feel like it. AND IT’S OKAY!!!! Really!!! I’m fine with it. And who care what society feels about me. I live in my own world and move the way I want to move.

Sometimes this gets me down but I have to remember to LET MY LIGHT SHINE. So in my apartment I have this little wooden bookshelf in the corner. This is my light, my shine and my accomplishment on display. This is my personal little reminder that I am GREAT! It pushes me to realize that I’m on the right path. Not matter what anyone else thinks.

IMG_5808I have stuffed this book shelf with all my of memories and accomplishes. Things like my high school and undergrad diploma’s, plaques and trophies, College and Greek paraphernalia, pictures and photo albums of friends and family… all of my greatness on display. Not to brag, but as a self reminder that I have accomplished all of this and there’s so much more for me to accomplish.

Enjoy the young life and remember to LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE. And if you need reminders set a designated place in your home to showcase your accomplishments!

Thanks for stopping by my little blog and be sure to visit PassionLocked again. Enjoy this beautiful weather and see you next week!

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