Grove Collaborative Unboxing | Cleaning Product Haul

Hey Passionista!

I remember waking up on Saturday mornings to the fresh scent of Pine Sol and Bleach with some ol’ skool jams playing softly as my parents indulged in the weekly cleaning routine. I used to try to stay in bed and play sleep as long as I could before my mom would burst into my room, listing out all the chores I had to get done around the house before I could go anywhere or do anything. 

Well, times have changed but not too much. I still have my weekly cleaning routine, it’s just not on Saturday morning. I’m a night owl. So, I prefer to get my cleaning done on Thursday or Friday night. Saturday mornings are meant for sleeping in (and that’s on Mary had a little lamb). These days I am a bit more environmentally conscious when it comes to household cleaning. Which is why I am so glad I discovered Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative delivers eco friendly home essentials to your front door. Today I’m sharing my second cleaning product box from the Grove Collaborative online site. 

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Items I received in my 2nd Grove Collaborative Box 

Essential Cleanser Concentrates Set (Refill) Orange & Rosemary

Daily Shower Cleaner Concentrates Refills Lavender & Thyme 

Reusable Cleaning Glass Spray Bottle – Twist & Slide (Sparkling Orange)

Reusable Cleaning Glass Spray Bottle- Twist & Slide (Polished Gray)

Gifted By Grove Co.:

Rooted Beauty- Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser

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