De-stressing is a Major 🗝

Hey Hunny! 

This month has been a load of stress. Honestly, I’m surprised at how well I am handling this. But through my years of life I’ve learned to de-stress. 

In college I used to de-stress by sitting alone in my room. No lights. No phone. No TV. No movement. Nothing! Just silence and me in the dark, alone. I would lay on the bed, or sit on the bed. I would lay on the floor, or sit on the floor. I would de-stress. My roommate would think I was gone. I was that quite. I was de-stressing. 

But my life has changed now. I don’t know how to de-stress the same way as I did in college. So at different points in my life I had to explore the many ways I can de-stress. When I lived away from all family and friends, sitting by the Hudson River listening to music took my mind away from everything. Now that  I’m a working women with a career and no longer living near the Hudson River, that’s not possible anymore. So now I’m on to discover a new way to de-stress.

Lately I have been buried in DIY projects. Quilting has become my therapy. Crafts keeps my mind clear. And how to videos keeps me pressed for more. I’ve been working on decor for baby showers and birthday parties. I’m already on my second handmade quilt. This is how I de-stress. Monday through Friday, I endure long days of work and the stuff life brings you as an adult. So when I get home. I strip to my underwear, hop in bed and quilt. At that point my mind is free. Im focused on nothing but the needle and thread in my hands. I release all stress in that moment. 

Dr-stressing is a major 🗝