DIY Wall Art

Hello Passionista!

One of my favorite YouTuber’s Raven Elysee inspired this DIY project after watching her Decorating My House DIY projects + New Furniture vlog. I have been re- decorating my apartment with more things of my style. I want every room and every decoration to reflect who I am as a person. I consider myself to be very creative, I love creating things. So a lot of my home decor will be D.I.Y projects. For instances, the Hexagon Shaped Shelves … click here to see blog.

For this project you’ll need:

  • Acrylic Paint – 3 colors (Midnight Blue, Pink, Nude)
  • Canvasimg_0182
  • Metal Flakes
  • Paper Towels





I purchased an 8 pack of the 10 x 10 canvas, I had a vision of doing tiled art on one large wall in my living room space. My new color scheme for my living room space is Blue + Pink, so I used those colors. And it add a third color I used a fresh tone nude.

I started by laying out my canvas on a table.


Staring with the darkest color first, I dropped dots of paint randomly all over  t

he canvas.

With a paper towel, I swiped the paint from left to right. Making streaks, sort of.




Before starting a new color, I used my hair dryer to dry the paint.

First I applied blue, then pink, then the nude paint .



Lastly, I took the metal flakes and just tore off a few small pieces and placed them on top of the wet paint at random.



Here is the Finished Product


My living has double doors that lead out to the balcony. I decided to tile 4 of the canvas paints on each side of the double doors. As you walk into the front door the back wall and double doors are what you see. I think my abstract art looking good in this spot, even though I visioned something different. I want to add some greenery or plants to this view. Maybe a tall faux plant in each corner under the paintings.


DIY Project | Hexagon Shape Shelf

Hello Passionistas!

I’m excited to share with you, my first DIY project video.

How to make Hexagon Shaped Shelves out of popsicle sticks?

This project was super simple to make and cost less than $20.00

I hung the shelves on the wall near the entry way of my apartment. This is also where I have my storage ottoman to store my shoes and handbags. I thought the wall decor gave this area a little more character.

Be sure to drop some feedback in the comments section below and let me know what you think. If you’d like to see more videos like this one – give this post a like!


Merry Christmas, Passionistas!

It’s Christmas Day!!!!

I must admit blogmas is a struggle. I started off strong but this season had been so busy for me that I miss and day of two.

Last year my family started the tradition of making gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve.

I purchased my Hershey’s kit from CVS for $7.99

I am a master at this …. look 👀

Merrry Christmas !!!!!!

Christmas Party Decor

Happppppyyyyyy Saturday Night!!!!

Tonight, my family and I had a cute little snack and game night.

We played a series of minute to win it games and ate good food. The kids made ginger bread houses.

But I wanted to share the cute little dollar tree decorations I created…

I made these cute little DIY snow globes, everything purchased from the dollar tree.

I found these cute candle stick holders at dollar tree and loved them so much that I bought all that were on the shelf. They came in white but I spray painted a few of them silver for my the base to my snow globe.

Using double sided tape I taped the bottoms of a toy Christmas tree to the candle stick holder. I used a steamless wine glass as the globe- putting just a little bit of white confetti as snow.

So cute quick and easy …

You can also use a wine glass with a steam as a globe with a candle on top.

To complete my table decor, I used Garland and toy gift boxes, mason jars and candles, and candy canes.

Super easy and super cute!!!

Quilting Therapy: Part2

Well Hello Friends,

So… this Quilting business is going well for me. Last week I actualy finshed another handmade quilt. I was so excited with how this quilt came out. It was a birthday surprise for me grandmother. And she LOVED it.

For this quilt I used four vintage fabric designs, and a glittered fabric backing. I did not use any quilting batting, because I didn’t want the quilt to be too thick.


I’m already almost finished with my next quilt… It’s a baby blanket got a baby girl. EXCITING!

See more of this quilt and more Kadii Kreations on my Kreative Passions page. For orders email

Until next time 🙂


Tutu too cute

Hey Hon, 

It seems like I have not done a post on my main page in a while. I’ve posted a couple of reviews on the Passion Reviews page. Be sure to check those out. 

Today I have a little DIY project to share with you. It’s a pink tutu basket !!!!

So my friend’s baby shower is coming up and she asked me to help with some of the decorations. We found this tutu basket idea on Pinterest and decided to make one for the baby shower for greeting cards and baby books.

I took a trip to Micheal’s craft store for supplies. To complete this project I needed to pick up a woven basket, tulle, ribbon, and a bow. Altogether everything came up to about $30.00 with sale items and a 40% off coupon.

To complete this project, I used six stools of pink tool. I cut them in 20 inch strips. 

Then, I took two strips at a time to weave them into the edge of the basket. Basically using making a loop pulling it through and tying a knot to hold it in place. I hope that makes sense… Lol !!! One day I’ll make DIY tutorials and put them on YouTube or something. 

But … 

After making sure the top of the basket is covered with tulle all the way around. I took some ribbon and weaved it through the knots tied in the tulle. This step is optional. But I think it adds to the overall look of the basket and helps cover the tulle knots. 

Next, I turn the basket upside down to trim the tulle of any uneven pieces. 

And lastly, I added the bow to the very front of the basket. This is also optional. You don’t have to add the bow, but again it addes to the overall look of the tutu basket. 

And this is the finished product 

If you decide to give this DIY PROJECT a try, please share pictures and let me know how it works out for you. If you would like to place an order for tutu basket email, will ship to you in two weeks from order date.  Also, don’t forget to like this post and subscribe to PassionLocked. 
Thanks for stopping by my little blog and I will meet you here next time.