MELANIN POPPIN |Fall Edition | Cabin with Friends

Hello Passionista-

This weekend I took a much needed trip to the cabin with my college friends. We’ve been to Ellajay and Helen so many times that we wanted to try somewhere different. So, this year we went to Gatlinburg, TN. We take this trip every year and every year we make so many memories and build stronger bonds with one another. I’m so happy to have friends like them. The Smokey mountains were good to us. We stayed in a nice big three story cabin with a wrap around porch, hot tube, movie room

Of course we took a ton of photos…







Group Shirts made by me with the Cricut Air Explorer 2

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Hanes shirts from Amazon

Iron on vinyl from //“>Amazon




Black Panther Party Group Costume | Halloween 2018


As a kid, I never really got to dress up for Halloween. So now, I love to get dressed up for Halloween and luckily so does my friends. Halloween is one of my besties favorite holiday, so I have to dress up no matter if I like it or not … lol

For the past 3 years, my sister gals and I have did group costumes. As hard as it is to get 6 girls with different preferences on one accord to decide on one idea that everyone likes, the finish product and the good time we have is always worth it.



Year 1 we managed to achieve ” The Royal Flush” – DIY costumes made by me.

Year 2 we quickly put together “The Purge Trio“- DIY costumes put together by me.




This year, we pulled off the ” Black Panther Party” costumes put together by all of us.


Honestly, this group costume was the easiest to put together. Everyone picked an all black outfit to fit there personal style and comfort level – because its was cold. We all purchases black gloves, black berets, and black sunglasses.


My entire outfit is from Forever 21, but it was all stuff I already had in my closet (off shoulder sweater, Black ripped jeans, and booties).

Black Sunglasses from the Dollar Tree

Black Beret from Target ($12.99)

Black Gloves from Amazon ($7.99)

We hit the town for a fun night of loud music, dancing and eating sweet treats. I swear I had to much candy and cupcakes for comfort.


I think we nailed the look, what you think?

Brunch with Friends

Helllloooooo !!!!

I know I’ve been missing for two days of blogmas. I’ve been busy with orders and shopping…🤷🏽‍♀️

But, I’m back now !!!!! 😍

I recently hosted a Christmas PJs Brunch with all my girlfriends. It was super nice! But of course – as the host, I did not get any pictures. What I can say is— we had a good time.

I cooked a really nice brunch. I made lots of mimiosas and we drank lots of mimiosas!

We played “dirty santa” and cards against humanity… so many laughs and memories made…

I did manage to get a few snaps with my polaroid camera for my next scrapbook..

Until next time 💝

Halloween 2017: Group Costume

Hello Passionistas and Happy November!!!!

We are getting to my favorite time of year. I love November, December, January and February months. But any whoo- this blog is all about Halloween.

This Halloween I did a group costume with a few of my friends. We decided to PURGE!!!!

img_9418Honestly, these costumes were thought of last minute and put together every quickly and easy.

We purchase over-sized white ti-shirts and Halloween blood from Walmart. I made rips and whole in the shirts, adding blood splatter for a visual affect. We wore the shirt with black legging (that we already had).

We purchased the mask, flag bandannas,  and plastic weapons from party city- for less than $20.00



Happy Halloween

Since we are too old for trick -or- treat, we turnt up at a club for the night



What were you for halloween? Share your costumes in the comment section below.

Southern Belle Farm 

Hi friends, 

So this weekend I gathered up some friends to check out one item on my holiday bucket list. 

Wevisited Southern Belle Farm in McDonough, GA to pick pumpkins and bond over a campfire  🔥. 

This was something we’ve never together before and so much fun. 

I can’t wait to finish the rest of my holiday bucket list…. 

Holiday Bucket List

Happy November!!!!!!


This is my favorite time of year … So I’m ready to celebrate. I came up with a little bucket list for me to do with holiday season with my family and friends.

Visit a Pumkpin Patch

Decorate a Christmas Tree

Enjoy Family and Friends

Volunteer and Giveback

Kiss Under Mistletoe

Try Eggnog

Make a Gingerbread House

Roast Pumpkin Seeds

Make a cake from scratch

Go Ice Skating

Organize or go to a Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Send out Holiday Cards with personal note

Donate Toys

Remember the Time

Hey Girls,

I love birthdays and planning events. It is truly one of my passions. This year me and my friends all turn 25. Many don’t consider this a milestone birthday, but I do. I mean I thought my teenage years were strange. Well being in your 20’s is an emotionally roller coaster. And you need a support system and strong well to keep you pushing through. My friends and I have been through a lot and have accomplished so much together and individually. So I came up with the great idea for us to plan each other’s 25th birthday celebration. I’m creative one in the group so I’ve been leading this mission (plus it was my idea).

IMG_0002 Last month I planned a birthday event for one of my girls. We all got together for brunch and wine tasting. It was really nice! The day was filled with good conversations, laughs and cries, great wine and most importantly friendship. To end the day, I wanted to leave the girls with something special to “Remember the Time”. So I came up with this idea to make picture frames, as party favors.

I took a visit to Michael’s craft store to pick up some acrylic paint, glitter, modge podge, and wooden picture frames (one larger than the other). I used the color blue because that’s the birthday girl’s favorite color. First, I took the larger frame and painted it completely blue. Next, I coated the smaller frame with modge podge and sprinkled silver glitter all over it. Then, I let both frames lay flat on a sheet of newspaper to dry over night. The next day, I used a hot glue gun (and glue gun sticks) to glue the smaller frame on top of the larger frame to make this masterpiece (pictured on left).

This made the day even more special. We all took pictures with the birthday girl and everyone got a Frame Party Favor to “Remember the Time”.

Try it for your next event and let me know how it turns out, See you Friday!IMG_0015

Girls Night Inn!!!

Hey beauty,


This past week was a tough one. And not just for me for my friends as well. So with Valentine’s Day on the brain, one of my friend came up with the idea to have a sleepover to celebrate our friendship. OMG! So, Me (IG:@rubiiroulette) Tyanna (@lovely_lady125) Myeesha (@paix_bebe) and Jas (@jaynikkie9) got together and had some much needed girl time.


First of all, you know I had to make a stop on my way there. I went to Trader Joe’s for a few sleepover essentials. I got some dip and chips- you always need snack food at a sleep over. I had to pick up some Trader Joe’s wine- because that’s the best wine ever! And it’s cheap! Then I thought about the next day so I picked up some Gingerbread Latte mix with milk chocolate pieces and whipped cream. And headed to the sleepover.


We all had valentine themed PJ’s. we ordered pizza and started the night with Karaoke. We a group of friends that love to sing but can’t sing. I can’t even hold a tune. But it fun to preform and pretend, especially when it come to a classic Beyoncé or Destiny’s Child hit. After we were about to loose our voices from the sold out concert we preform in the middle of the living room, we settled down for a few drinking games. HEADBANDZ! It’s a fun game but we are just a little to smart to play it. So, no one even had to drink during this game. Everyone was guessing what they needed to guess before their time is up. So we quickly got bored and moved on to the next game. SPOONS! Which turned into a nightmare because of the small group we had but it was still fun because each of us are characters in our own ways. Lastly I pulled out the Phase 10 cards, which were suppose to lead us competitive war, but we needed up the entertainer of several viewers on Periscope. Follow me @ BrandedKadii on Periscope. Lol. And Guess what it was only like a little after midnight and I tapped out. THE FIRST ONE. The girls stayed up talking, laughing and singing the entire night but I laid crossed the sofa and knocked out. Lord help me, I was tired. So, I was the first wake the next morning. It was only right that I make the girls breakfast. And by breakfast I mean gingerbread Lattes with whipped cream J But it was a blessing to spend that time with my dear friends in honor of Valentines day before we all got lost in the sauce of love on the 14th.


Check out the pictures I shared from the sleepover and tune in Friday for the next post. It will be up by 12 noon.