Blogmas Day 3: Re-Gift & Play Dirty Santa

Merry Blogmas Day Three!!!!


My favorite game to play at holiday gatherings is Dirty Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Playing Dirty Santa is a great way to re-gift some of those not so great gifts you got last year and never used. Gather all your family and friends together for a little bonding time. Ask everyone to bring a gift. You can be as creative as you want with the game.

  • You can ask everyone to bring a $10 gift card
  • You can ask everyone to bring a gag gift
  • You can ask everyone to bring a re- purpose gift
  • You can ask everyone to bring a homemade gift

All gifts should be wrapped before starting the game. The players should not know what each gift is.

The more people you have the better the game will be.

I have been reading some of my followers and people I follow blogmas post … and I love the energetic spirits everyone is in. This is my first year participating in Blogmas, so I am super hype myself. Please continue to like, comment and share- I really enjoy reading and responding to your comments.



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