Black Panther Party Group Costume | Halloween 2018


As a kid, I never really got to dress up for Halloween. So now, I love to get dressed up for Halloween and luckily so does my friends. Halloween is one of my besties favorite holiday, so I have to dress up no matter if I like it or not … lol

For the past 3 years, my sister gals and I have did group costumes. As hard as it is to get 6 girls with different preferences on one accord to decide on one idea that everyone likes, the finish product and the good time we have is always worth it.



Year 1 we managed to achieve ” The Royal Flush” – DIY costumes made by me.

Year 2 we quickly put together “The Purge Trio“- DIY costumes put together by me.




This year, we pulled off the ” Black Panther Party” costumes put together by all of us.


Honestly, this group costume was the easiest to put together. Everyone picked an all black outfit to fit there personal style and comfort level – because its was cold. We all purchases black gloves, black berets, and black sunglasses.


My entire outfit is from Forever 21, but it was all stuff I already had in my closet (off shoulder sweater, Black ripped jeans, and booties).

Black Sunglasses from the Dollar Tree

Black Beret from Target ($12.99)

Black Gloves from Amazon ($7.99)

We hit the town for a fun night of loud music, dancing and eating sweet treats. I swear I had to much candy and cupcakes for comfort.


I think we nailed the look, what you think?

Halloween 2017: Group Costume

Hello Passionistas and Happy November!!!!

We are getting to my favorite time of year. I love November, December, January and February months. But any whoo- this blog is all about Halloween.

This Halloween I did a group costume with a few of my friends. We decided to PURGE!!!!

img_9418Honestly, these costumes were thought of last minute and put together every quickly and easy.

We purchase over-sized white ti-shirts and Halloween blood from Walmart. I made rips and whole in the shirts, adding blood splatter for a visual affect. We wore the shirt with black legging (that we already had).

We purchased the mask, flag bandannas,  and plastic weapons from party city- for less than $20.00



Happy Halloween

Since we are too old for trick -or- treat, we turnt up at a club for the night



What were you for halloween? Share your costumes in the comment section below.