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Happy Friday Passionista !!!

I have had a long and stressful week. So, one thing I like to do when I’ve had one of those weeks is brew a fresh pot of tea and have some quiet time.

Tea has been known to be a way to relief stress and anxiety, promoting a healthy environment.

Here are 2 different teas I love to brew and drink when I find myself under stress or my anxiety starts to run high.

To brew my tea I use the Bodum electric kettle and Bialetti Glass tea pot – both purchased from Walmart.

Hot Tea: Teavana Recover Regain Green Tea (which is now discontinued due to the recent closing of all Teavana store fronts 😔)

This is a detoxifying wellness tea with mint with the recommended dose of daily vitamin c, meant to support a healthy lifestyle.

Cold Tea: Tea of Life Pomegranate White Tea

This is a gluten free tea of life packed with antioxidants, meant to help with weight loss.

Not only are these teas calming but they carry tons of health benefits.

Tip: Take a moment to disconnect from the outside world, get comfortable and have a hot cup or cold glass of tea. Give yourself time to calm and think.

New Look for Teavana

Hello Passionistas,

If you have been on the blogging journey with me from the beginning, you know that I love Teavana tea. I’ve done a few teavana tea hauls before. In the last haul, I shared some information that I found out about the Teavana brand. Teavana recently closed all of their store fronts and shut down the online store- so no more loose leaf teas from teavanna. But Teavana is far from being forgotten about. The brand is now a packaged beverage sold in Starbucks and other grocery stores.

This weekend I was in Wal-Mart and I came across a display panel od Teavana teas. I got all flavors they had in the store. There were priced at $1.98 (in Walmart) each and these were the only flavors (listed below) that the store I was in had. I hope there are more flavors than just these 4. There are only about 3 Starbucks stores I visit regularly and I have not seen these beverages in any other those stores. So, I’m not sure when and if I’ll be able to buy these in Starbucks (or at least the ones I go to) but I’ll glad I know where I can find them.


Mango Black Tea w/ notes of Tropical Citrus

Meyer Lemon Black Tea w/ Lime Peel & Lemon grass – UNSWEETENED

Pineapple Berry Blue Herbal Tea w/ Hibiscus & Green Rooibos

Passion Tango Herbal Tea w/ Hibiscus & Cinnamon


I love the packaging- the shape of the bottle, the label colors and cleanliness of the product design. Often times Nutrition facts on food/drink products are small and hard to read, but for these beverages I feel like I know exactly what I’m drinking. I appreciate that.


Each of the flavors are ones that I am familiar with. The only one I have not had before is the Meyer Lemon Black Tea w/ Lime Peel & Lemon grass. The other three (Mango, Pineapple Berry, and Passion Tango) I have purchased in Teavana before as a loose leaf tea. One advantage about the packaged beverages is the levels of sweetness. When I brew my tea myself I can sometimes over sweeten them. So with the bottle package and pre made tea it is made to perfection.

P.S. If you see these in store or see any other flavors send me pictures, plzzzzzz!

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My Tea Collection


Hello Dear,

Today I thought I’d share my tea collection with you. I am a southern belle and have always had a thing for Sweet Tea. Growing up, nothing made my happier than french fries and a large sweet tea from McDonald’s after school. As I got older I began to explore different tea’s and found that I love herbal tea. Which lead me to my new favorite brand.YogiTeafavs I discovered this brand of tea that I absolutely love when I’m sick with a cold…. YOGI…

Yogi Tea is all about health and wellness. They have this cold pack for cold and flu season that I rack up on in the winter and when the seasons change. You can find a tea for just about anything with Yogi. They have tea blends for the immune system, throat comfort, Healthy Skin, Slim Life Fasting, the Digestive system, Energy teas. They also have teas just for women, that target things like energy, moon cycle, mothers to be, and nursing support. I love YOGI TEA. I usually pick up Yogi Tea when I’m out at Target or sometimes can actually find this tea brand in Ross or Cost Market. And it cheap like $5 or less a box.

But lately, I have had an obsession with Teavana. I was introduced to Teavana one day in Starbucks, I noticed they sold the tea blend for Oprah Chai, which is the drink I always get at Starbucks. I thought it would be HEAVEN for buy it and be able to make Orpah Chai tea latte’s at home.

TeavannaTea2So I bought it and a Teavana tea brewer. I was inspired to visit Teavana to explore more tea blends. During my visit I was soooooo over whelmed by all the tea blends. But I decided on purchasing my top three favs of the day: Dragonfruit Devotion (Herbal Tea), Jade Citrus Mint (Flavored Green Tea), and Passion Tango (also a Herbal Tea). Out of these three Passion Tango is my favorite, because I can drink it Hot or Cold. And now that its girls scouts season I love a hot mug of Passion Tango tea and a side of shortbread cookies.

Check back with me on Wednesday!!!


PassionTangoBrewing Passion Tango Tea brewing…

PasionTangoCold   Iced in a pitcher for a cold delight…

PassionTangoHot or Hot with Shortbread cookies …