A Passionista’s Guide to Phone Interview Success

Hello Passionista’s

If you’re having a phone interview, it is likely that a third- party recruiter has reached out to you or the hiring manager for a job you’ve applied for is interested in you as a candidate for a job. This is great news! Commonly, someone will reach out to you via email to see when you are available to speak to them about the job posting. When you receive this initial email here a few things you should do:

  • Review the job description of the position applied forIf you are anything like me (at this point of life) applying for jobs is a part of your daily routine. It is important to know exactly which position and company you are being contacted about. For some this is common sense. But you’d be surprised how many people go on interviews and have no knowledge of the responsibilities and details of the job.
  • Find quiet time in your schedule to conduct the interviewWhen you respond to the recruiter or hiring manager, you want to make sure your schedule is clear and you have enough quiet time to speak with them. Nothing is worse than being on a phone interview but stuck in a noisy area. Plan your day accordingly.
  • Respond to the email with multiple dates and times you are availableRecruiters and Hiring Managers have busy schedules and are in and out of meeting all day. By giving them several options of your availability, you’ll receive a faster turn around with confirmation of your phone interview. This will also show them that you are flexible with your time, which is important during the hiring process.

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