Take Control: LinkedIn Edition

Happy April Fools Day!!!

So it was brought to my attention by some of my closest friends that “LinkedIn is only for real professionals”. That’s not true. I browse LinkedIn just as much as Facebook and b99d589f310e7464dde712be96911073Instagram. I constantly update my profile and always endorse my connections and write recommendations. This is like my one social media account that is public and google friendly. I want people to see this, because I want to advance in any opportunity of interest that comes my way. I constantly check my feed for the latest industry articles, seminars, events, webinars and whatever else I may find. I mean, I thought everyone did this. But I guess not. So today, I’m going to explain LinkedIn profiles to get each of you on board.

First things first, your profile picture. This is not Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any of that other stuff. This is a professional app. So my advice, keep it simple and sweet. A friendly little head shoot, in a nice blouse or top with a blazer. Remember, other professionals like CEO’s, hiring managers, administrative assistants will see this photo before they meet you. Make a good impression. I’d suggest loosing any facial piercing, wild colored hair, and dramatic makeup.

Now the core of your profile is your professional headline, location, industry, employment history and education. This information is viewed at the top of your profile right next to your profile picture. Your professional headline should set tone to who you are professionally. If you work in the Marketing industry this is where you display what you do. Marketing can be many things- Advertising… Branding… Category Management… Consulting. So, this is where you reveal your area of expertise. For instance, my professional headline reads “CPG and Merchandising Professional”. That’s what I do, what I have experience with and what I desire to continue to do with my career. By displaying your current/ previous employers and education you are opening yourself to different connections. This way you can connect with ex- co-workers, current co-workers, and even future co-workers. You can even connect with people you went to college with and their connections. This is where the networking comes into par.

The meat of your profile is your summary, work and volunteer experience, and projects, even courses and honors/ awards. This is where you sit yourself on a bookshelf and shine bright. This is where you sort of brag on yourself. Now the Skills &Endorsements, and Recommendations come from your connections. That’s right, other people get to brag on you are well. This is where people you’ve worked with can give you public recognition, for you hard work, for your dedication, and for what you do best. Recommendations are not easy to come by so cherish the ones you get and remember to return the favor. You also get to endorse people, as they get to endorse you, this is displayed towards the bottom of your profile. These endorsements are based off your skill ability. If you are a Store Manager, your connectors may endorse your training skills, or inventory management skills, or your budgeting skills. This allows your visitors to see what you’re made of, new connections can see what your current connection see in you… professional!



Alright! I think you’re ready to get LinkedIn! If you’re to take control of your career, your LinkedIn profile is where you should start. Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday!

For professional assistance building or updating and managing you LinkedIn Profile contact Khadijah Nuriddin via email kznuriddin@gmail.com for advising.