A Passion for Caring: March of Dimes


Hello Passionistas!!!

If you follow my Instagram (IG: @passionlocked) then you know what I have been up to for the past few months. And it finally time to share the happiness I received from this project.

Every year I support the March of Dimes foundation by donating money, help raise money and participating in walk events. But this year I wanted to do something a little bit more special. I decided I would make baby quilts to donate to a local NICU for families with preemie babies.

Quilting has become my therapy. It is fun to do, it keeps my mind going, and keeps me out of trouble. You can see some of the quilts I have made on my Kreative Passions page and my IG account. Back around the holiday season, I bought a ton of baby fabrics from JoAnn’s Fabric store (they had really good sales). Since January, I have been working on these special little baby quilts.

img_6455This  passion project consists of 4 girl quilts, 4 boy quilts and 3 unisex quilts handmade special by me. I bundled them with lots of love and my passion through a handwritten note card.  Today, the quilts were donated to the Special Care Nursery at Northside Hospital. I delivered them all bundled with love to the head nurse of the department, who promised to wrapped them around the bravest little beating hearts. Doing something so special for families during this trying stage of life makes my heart smile. Sometimes, I feel a way about being a 20-something year old who sits at home quilting on most Friday nights. But when I achieve something like this, I feel so proud to be who I am and have the passion that I have.


If you are in the Atlanta area I encourage you to support March of Dimes and sign-up for the walk on April 22, 2017. I am joining a team of family and friends to walk with me. 15 Million babies are born prematurely each year around the million, 1 million will die. Let’s help fight to give a family a lifetime with their bundle of joy.  If you would like to donate, please click the link : https://www.marchforbabies.org/kznuriddin


Before I go…

I will be giving away one Baby Stroller Throw quilt. FOr details about this give-a-way, follow my IG: @passionlocked for details…. post coming soon.

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It’s a Family Affair

Happy Friday Passionistas!

You all have met my family, right! I mean I shared our holiday photos with you all back in December … Okay, so… now, let me share what we have recently been up too…


Family Pictures 2016

Back in December, my youngest cousin came up with the idea to put together care packages for the sick n’shut in and homeless in our hometown. This was something we could get the entire family involved with. The greatest part of it all was the time we spent together doing it. We all chipped in to collect care package items like hygiene and personal care items, some snacks and note cards for personal messages.


To save money I found some small boxes that were about to be thrown out at my job. So we re-assemble and used the boxes to pack the items and wrapped them in leftover wrapping paper from the holidays.





A few Saturday’s ago, we all got together at my parents’ house to assemble our care packages. We ended up with a table full of goodies. From deodorant, wash cloths, tooth brushes, tooth paste, hand sanitizer, lotion, soap, Band-Aids, q-tips, lip chap, bottle water, to single packed snacks – and a personalized message of encouragement.



We had lots creative ciaos in the mix, but we managed to develop some sort of assemble line to fill the box and get them wrapped.





The last and most difficult part was loading them in my grandmother’s car for delivery. This should have been the easiest part. (lol)




I love lending a helping hand and doing something special for other whenever I can. I was so elated that this was something the whole family participated with in some way.


Open Relationships

Hello Beauty! Okay. So. The other day I was listening to the radio and I heard Monique (the actress) promoting her podcast with her husband about their open marriage.

I found this very interesting. Now I’m not judging but I have a big opinion.

In Hollywood, there has been a lot of hype on the topic open marriage and open relationship. So allegedly, Will and Jada (The Smiths) have an open marriage, Toya Wright gives her husband or soon to be ex- husband (Memphis) eight passes a year to cheat, and now Monique made the decision to have an open marriage with her husband (Sidney Hicks). This is crazy.

When I think of open relationships my mind shoots to emotions and feelings, STDs/ HIV, and baby mama/daddy drama. That’s a huge decision to make and a huge risk on love.

Since when did love become such a huge risk?

Love is not open; love is closed to the outside but open to the people in it.

I can’t be in love with you and give you my all when there an outside piece of you somewhere or everywhere else. When loving a person becomes hard to do then you need to re-evaluate the person you love. Point. Blank. Period.

Personally, my love an affection is not to be shared with anyone. I’m not ashamed to say I am SELFISH. When is comes to my spouse, the person I have fell in love with, the person I lay next to every night- OH BABY! I am SELFISH. I want their attention and constant affection, and they must have a set of eyes the only looks at me.

How can you be in love and be complete with another man or women who may step out on the relationship every now and then? That’s how people get hurt. Honestly …

Now let me get to these cheat days. I will not give my man permission to allow another female the opportunity to have what’s mine. ARE YOU CRAZY? If I’m with a guy who cheats or wants to cheat, that’s when our relationship ends. Love is not hard, but when it becomes hard to do – that’s when two mature adults know its time to step away from one another.

But I am interested in hearing what Monique and her husband have to share about their open marriage. I would also like to hear why she choice to initiate this into her relationship (because it was her idea). Not only will the podcast be about just their relationship but also topics dealing with the concerns in relationships that affect us all on a daily basis, according to Monique’s tweet back on November 29th.

Okay so after doing a little research, I have learned that the podcast premiered on January 11th. New episodes are added every Monday. You can listen to this podcast at www1.play.it

There are already 3 episodes up and I can not wait to have some quick time to sit and listen to what they have to say. I will definitely do a follow up with my thoughts, opinions and maybe rants after I listen to these podcast episodes.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Open Relationships…

Until next, Stay beautiful!