BLOGMAS Day 13| Girlboss Code + Digital Marketing

Hello Passionista

So last night I attended the really amazing FREE workshop at General Assembly at Ponce City Market (Atlanta,GA).

General Assembly hosts a variety of courses and workshops. They often host free workshops and panels that are every interactive and informative. I think I’ve attended maybe 4 workshops so far. Each workshop I’ve attended, I’ve have been able to take away something available and apply it to my career and side hustles. This event was a panel driven workshop titled, Girlboss code + digital marketing: A chat with social influencers, shakers and movers.

Most of my subscribers know that I am a full time project manager and a side hustling blogger, microinfluencer, and event planner. As I continue to grow, my goal is start my own creative business. So, I love FREE events that I can attend to teach me something new and network with some dope people.

Question of the Day: What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

(Tell me in the comment section below)

There was so much valuable knowledge and information shared in this workshop. It felt like a chip off my shoulder to hear the start up journeys of young successful entrepreneurs and influencers …  from quieting your day job to lessons learned from mistakes. I left this workshop feeling a part of a community of girl bosses and inspired to keep pushing. The panel discussion were really a sense of insurance for me, that I am on the right track and I am making the right moves and IT IS  going to happen for me and I WILL  be all that I can be.

The panelist shared their best advise that no one told them, but they learned:

  • Have confidence in yourself. #selflove is a BIG DEAL!
  • Be more kind to yourself.
  • Get Enough Sleep!
  • Learn your customer based, streamline your business and stay in your lane.
  • Recognize when you’ve made it.
  • Look back at your experience, all the answer are there.

Key takeaways from the Panelist to the audience:

  • Brand just means reputation and social media just means communication in this day and age
  • Start where you are with what you have
  • Have a support network or community
  • Share your wins with your friends
  • Build a Team!!!!!
  • Don’t be a afraid of the word “NO”


A Passion Locked Surpise

Happy Hump Day Passionistas!!!!

Today, I wanted to share with you one of the little projects I have been working on…..

Drum Roll Please …  …   … …


That’s Right! I have my very own etsy shop for all my Kreative Passions.

On the Passion Locked Etsy shop you will find some of the same things viewed on my Kreative Passions page, but having a Etsy Shop makes it easier for people to order the things that they like.

Currently, my shop have the following featured items:

Personalized Glittered Wine Glasses

Wooden Decor Letters (customizable)

Handmade T-shirt Quilt (made to order)

Custom Baby Onsies

Handmade Baby Crib Quilt

So go ahead over to Etsy and check out my shop, also follow us on IG @PassionLocked

Until Next Time


The Job Seeker

Hello Friends,

I am 25 days into the “Apply Yourself” 31-day challenge, and it has been a challenge. But I will not give up. I actually have a few updates from this challenge. If this is your first time reading about the “Apply Yourself” challenge…. Go read my last posts.

Within the past few days, I have received a rejection letter, a follow up notification on a job opportunity, and an interview invitation. That’s right! The goal was to get an interview, and I got an interview. But the challenge is to apply to a job each day for the next 31 days. At this time, I have applied for 25 desirable positions and keeping track of everything using an excel spreadsheet.

Now, let me tell you about my interview. The interview was short and sweet. The interviewer asked me questions related to my qualifications, but did not extend the opportunity for me to ask questions in return. The interview process was explained as a three step process. First step being the preliminary interview, a shadow /observation day, on to a more extensive team interview. Lastly, I was given a brief scope of the business. This is when I realized it was a SKAM. Yes, a JOB SKAM! The information I was given in the interview was completely different from the job description and company website. Normally, something like this would discourage me, but after the interview I actually felt proud of myself. I went on a interview. I was polished and professional. Although I will not be taking the job, if offered. It was great practice for when the next interview. I feel very prepared for my next interview which will be at the end of this week… wish me luck!

In my last post, I told you about upgrading my LinkedIn account to a premium account. My LinkedIn account is flagged as a Job Seeker. The features of this account include advanced search tools, access to a wider talent pool and ability to InMail people who you are not connected with. So far I have been using the InMail a lot. When I find a job on LinkedIn I’d like to apply for, I use the InMail tool to send the recruiter a message letting them know my interest for the job. Not only have I used LinkedIn to find job to apply for but also, and

Recently, I found some great reading material for the application process and preparing your resume. I will put the link before. I also have been reaching out to some mentors and pass co-workers to get feedback on my resume and cover letter. You know there is always room for improvement in those areas.

So far I am enjoying the process of this challenge and I can’t wait to share my interview experience with you …

Until next time,

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No Interviews Yet, But Still Applying!

Hey Friends,

I am 14 days into the  31 days of  “Applying Yourself” Challenge. If you don’t know what I am talking about, stop right now and go read my last blog, “Apply Yourself”.

So far I have applied to 14 desirable positions in the marketing field. It has been confirmed that all 14 applications have been received. Most times when you apply to a job online, you receive a confirmation email from the HR department. Now-a-days it’s all automated. I have not heard back from anyone yet. But I am optimistic and it is only Week 1. I understand that most companies post jobs for a couple of weeks and sometimes months before they start the reviewing process. So right I’m playing the waiting game for the jobs I have applied for and I will continue to apply myself to more jobs as the 31-day challenge continues.

My goal out of this is to get an interview. An Interview is the first step. If you get an interview, you are doing something right. Interviews are a big deal. If this 31-day challenge gets me one interview I will feel accomplished. If this 31-day challenge lands me a new job opportunity, I will feel like I’m on top of the world.

The other day, I was thinking of ways I can  boost this 31-day challenge. Add it to, somehow! Not just apply for the jobs but seek out the job. I decided to upgrade my LinkedIn account to a premium membership. It’s a free 30- day trial and $29 a month after the first 30 days. I wanted to test out the benefits of being able to InMail other LinkedIn members that I do not have direct connections with. Also, be able to have a larger scope to who’s viewing my profile and get some insight on job postings from LinkedIn. Hopefully this will help guide me in the right professional direction for this challenge. So far I have looked up people from the companies  I have applied to, introducing myself a letting them know I’m interested in joining the company.

Over the last couple of days, I have revised my resume and cover letter. Just re-wording some things and making everything look polished. This upcoming week, I plan to start following up on my submitted applications. This process will be interesting because everything is done online now. So, I have to do some research to find recruiters and HR contacts. But following up on an application with an e-mail of interest speaks volume to the leadership you can bring to the company.

One thing I also wanted to share with you is how I am keeping track of everything. I developed an Application Tracker in Excel. This is where I list the Company, Applied Position and Reference number, along with the date I applied. I also have a column for Associates contacted. This is where I list the individuals I have reached out to concerning the job. As well as a column for Application Outcomes, so I can keep track of when I hear back from each company. If you are currently taking this 31- day challenge with me or are thinking about doing so in the future, I would be happy to share a template with you. Just comment below or email

See you all next week with new updates!

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Apply Yourself!

Hey Friends,

It’s October and I’m taking control of my career. My goal this year is to get a job. I have a job, but I’m looking for growth in my career. I mean that is why I’m going through 1,000 years of school, it seems like.

But at the beginning of this year, I was in contact with a company that I thought was going to hire me. It would have been the perfect opportunity for me at this stage of my career. After getting the typical phone call, “We decided to go with another candidate with a bit more experience”, I got really unmotivated. And for months I didn’t apply to any more jobs. But the end of the year is near and I still have a goal to achieve. I am going to do what I have to do on my part to make sure my goal is met.

So I am challenging myself to 31 days of Applying. I’ve already started. Basically, I’m going to do my research and seek jobs that will be a growth opportunity for my career, and apply. To support this challenge, I have updated several versions of my resume. I have developed cover letter, what I believe to be strong. I have composed a formal document of professional references. Lastly, I have prepared work samples just in case they are requested.

If any of you are looking to find a new job, gain career growth or simply make a career change, I advise you to join the challenge. Throughout the month I will give weekly updates of this process and what outcomes I receive.  If any of you have been through this process, please share your story.

Talk to you all next week with my first 31 days of Applying update.

Book Review: The Beauty of Branding in Business

Hey Lovely,

So I hold an undergrad degree in Marketing and I am working on my M.B.A. Just trying to be great in the world (lol). I’m always interested in professional development workshops and events. And now I am making more time to actually read books others than text books. So, I just finished The Beauty of Branding in Business- A guide for aspiring and Emerging Entrepreneurs by Yandy Smith Harris (Love & Hip Hop NY cast member).

When I saw Yandy post her book on Instagram, I thought it would be a great read for me. I watch her on the show and I love the work that she does. So I clicked the link to purchase the book. The book sales for like $10 I like but I Paid $7. I did not know it was a claimed “e-book”. So after you pay, the website tells you the book will be e-mailed to you. Okay! I’m thinking the download will be sent to me to download to my Kindle. No! It’s a PDF file and its only like 32 pages. Now, I have mixed feelings about this. First things first, as a business woman I look up to Yandy. I think she is a great business woman, who is self-less and shares her passion with everyone. But I expected more. Presentation is everything and my expectations were high. But on the flip side I don’t really like e-books, so I just printed the claimed “e-book” and read the hard copy, so I could highlight and take notes. I mean that’s how I read.

The book starts off slow for me. I mean the first chapter is about “what is a brand?” and it was all information that I already knew. And it was written in like a textbook style to me. But then I had to think about it, like “not everyone is a marketing major Kadii…” so I continued to read. As I completed the chapter, I analyzed some of the things she mentioned and about branding and I feel like her guide does not pertain to general branding. In my opinion, It’s more specific to her brand, Everything Girls Love. Again, not what I expected. I will say that reading the information I already learned in the classroom, refreshed my brain to think of way I can enhance my brand, PassionLocked- as I continue to build. So very informative and gives good insight into building brands. I did learn a few techniques or ideas I want to incorporate into PassionLocked. The book, guide, or claimed “e-book” (whatever!) gets good for me at the “Being ‘everywhere’ chapter. Which speaks about how to use your brand in your marketing.


Overall, It’s a nice short read, for someone who has a background in marketing or business. I would recommend this guide for anyone interested in marketing, starting a brand but has no experience, or even high school students interested in majoring in Marketing in college. Check it out for yourself and stay tuned for more book reviews in the future…