Dinner with PassionLocked


You just don’t know how glad I am that it is Friday… THE WEEKEND BABY. The weekend is when I truly come alive. LOL!  But I have so much going on this weekend I have to spent my entire night preparing, but it shall be fun!


Today I want to share my Lasagna recipe. I am a self taught cook and I love pasta. To make my Lasagna I needed to take a trip to Kroger to get everything I needed to cook this meal. At the store I picked up some ready to cook Lasagna noodles, ground turkey, tomato-basil pasta sauce, ricotta cheese, eggs, three blend shredded cheese, and baby spinach.

So to start, I season and cook my ground turkey. As the turkey was cooking, I also cook the baby spinach leaves. Then, I use Olive oil base the pan. After that, I fill another pan with hot water to soak, not boil my ready to cook lasagna noodles. I like to build my lasagna with wet noodles, so that they become soft while baking. Next, I mix my ricotta cheese and eggs together. At this point everything is prepared, so now I am ready to build my lasagna to bake. I start with one layer of noodles, I laid about four lasagna noodles (wet) side by side at the bottom of my pan. Then, I take a few full spoons my pasta sauce and spread it across the noodles. Next, I add a thin layer of ground turkey (cooked) and shredded cheese on top. Next, I take more noodle to build my second layer. On one side of the noodles, I spread across the ricotta cheese and egg mix. On the other side, I spread across more pasta sauce on the noodles and add another layer of ground turkey and cheese. On this layer I lay out my baby spinach leaves and work on the third layer. Again, one side of the noodle has a spread of ricotta cheese and egg mix, and the other side has pasta sauce. To top of the Lasagna I add a thin layer of shredded cheese.

It is important to make sure that the ends of the noodles are wet and have some sauce on it. This will help keep the ends from being crunchy. I like my lasagna really soft, cheesy and saucy. I use the rest of pasta sauce for the edges of the pan to make sure my noodles are wet. I then put the pan in the oven on 350 (degrees) for about 45 minutes. After 45 minutes I use a folk to see how soft my noodles have gotten. Then I add more cheese to the top of the lasagna, so that it is cheese and golden when finished. After another 15 minutes, I bring the pan out of the oven to cool.

To complete my dinner, I add a side dish of cream of corn with diced red peppers and onions. And I have to have wine with this meal. So I pour my last glass of my favorite wine from Trader Joe’s.

I have to make a stop Trader Joe’s for more wine this week. But enjoy your weekend and I cant wait until your next visit on Monday !!!

Note from Kadii


Hey Friends!

I hope all of my readers are doing well. I feel like I haven’t talked to y’all in forever. Mainly because I pre-write for my blog post. So my last post was on the 8th., which I wrote a few days before hand. So I miss the writing process. I’ve actually started thinking about a set schedule for posting new blogs, like a certain day or days. I think it might be better for you all. That way you’ll know when to stop by my page for new stuff and all that (and it’ll help with my ratings). So I want to try it out just to see how it goes. Right now I’m thinking of doing three days a week (Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday) with one of those days have a possible bonus post. I think that’ll work for my schedule right now- so we will try it. 

Also I’m going to start doing these bi-weekly Notes from Kadii, just to chit-chat and check up on stuff with you all. If you have questions or certain things you want me to talk about just comment below or send me a personal e-mail kznuriddin@gmail.com. But today we have sooooooo much to catch up on, Let’s get to it: 

Remember my post about Open Relationships (posted on January 31st)! Okay! I went to listen to Mo’nique and her husband’s podcast like I said I would. Side note:  If you don’t know what I’m talking about view my posted titled “open relationships”. Now for my thoughts  on to the podcast. It wasn’t what I thought it would be. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect. Mo’nique did explain some things about her open relationship status with her husband which I felt was a little disrespectful. But first the back story: Her and her husband have been friends since FOREVER. They were even roommates at one time. So they knew each others history, they’ve seen it in fact. So when they started their relationship Mo’nique introduced the idea of a open relationship because she felt like she was the famous one and she made more money, so she should be able to do what she wants to do. Then she went on to say some other mess. But my brain stop listening to her at that comment. In my opinion that is a broken hearted girl talking, not a woman in love. And her comment was disrespectful to her husband,  as a man. I’m just saying !!! But heyy! I’m partly damaged to so I can’t talk. But that’s not something I want to hear- so I choice to listen to the first episode and ONLY the first episode.

Now I bet you’re wondering how my meal prep and work out plan is going!!!! GIIIRRRRRLLLLLL, let me tell you.  I am struggling. I didn’t even last a week. In week one of my meal prep I was doing good. I was eating my meals that I prepared for lunch and dinner until I got sick. I experienced a nasty cold, which lead me to eating soup from Panera for a few days. After I started feeling better I wanted chick fil a, Starbucks, and Moe’s everyday. And because I got sick I didn’t work out. So, last week I didn’t even meal prep. I still ate the food I bought. But I didn’t prep it on Sunday night the way I did the week before. I was too busy watching Beyoncé slay the field during HALF TIME. Since I didn’t work out in week one I had no motivation the second week. Moving forward I need to re-evaluate my entire meal prep and work out plan. I’m not giving up- I just need to get creative with the way I do this to fit my schedule so that I will stick with it week after week.

Have any of you been watching Pretty Little Liars- five year forward? I have. Yes! I still watch PLL and I love it like it’s the first season. I’m just ready for the A games to be over. Like forreal.

 Oh! And Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to get away with murder all came back to me. I am soooooo glad because I was having withdrawals. And each show had in at a different emotionally state. Like Grey’s Anatomy had me in tears. At least 20 minutes of the show was in silence but the story line had me balling. I felt Meredith. I knew she would survive, because she is the show. But I just felt like when will she get her happiness. She’s been through so much, but I guess that’s the way life works. Depressing, right!  Then, when Scandal came on I became so disappointed. I was disappointed in Olivia for falling into the trap of Jack’s pretty eyes again. Don’t get me wrong its good to see that she has the president out of her system for now. But she needs to leave Jack alone. And that cliffhanger at the end- my mouth dropped wide open. So by the time HTGAWM came on I was tired. But the show kept my eyes completely opened. I was sooooo mad at Annalise. Like you would do all of this to win a case. Girl have a seat. Lol. So my Thursday night was intense. Shonda never fails me. 

I’m actually getting ready to start reading her book “Year of Yes”. My friends and I have decided to have a book club and our first book is Year of Yes. I’d like to be in a book club that meets up at café shops and take creative little get a way trips. But since we are all scattered and have busy schedules we will have book discussions in our GroupMe once a week. I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated on that.

Well, I think I’ve taken up enough of you time tonight, friend. I wish you a blessed week and be sure to stop back by on Wednesday for a new post. Probably by 3pm. Oh yeah! Please like, share and subscribe to PassionLocked.

Meal preps and Work out plans

Hello Gorgeous! Happy Sunday, today has been a very vibrant day. I got a chance to sleep in and get some much needed rest. I woke up, checked some e-mails and paid some bills. Then got dressed and ready for church. Sunday’s are great for relaxing and preparing for week to come. Which alway leads me to some type of store for something. So I went grocery shopping. Now this is my first real official grocery trip this year. And I just want y’all to know I am ABSOULELY hilarious we it come to food shopping. I honestly don’t know why. First, I was talking to myself and these kids on the aisle with me bust out laughing. Then, I almost fell chasing after my cart on the frozen aisle. And I almost pee’d myself. But on to my point!

I want to be healthier in 2016. I’m not looking to lose weight or anything like that. But I do think its important to have healthy eating habits and a work out plan to stay in shape. Once upon a time, I used to meal prep but not in a healthy way. I just used to cook all my meals on Sunday evening for the week so I don’t have to worry about cooking during the week. Lazy, right! I know. But I would go to the grocery store every Sunday and buy food to cook my meals for the week. So, now I want to get back into that but try to be a little bit healthier with it. Today, I got enough food for 2 weeks of planned lunch and dinners during the week days. The weekends will be my off days to eat whatever I like with considerations of my health plan.

I shop at Kroger and Trader Joe’s. But today I was being lazy and only went to Kroger. My cart was filled with ingredients for grilled chicken meals. My goal is to prepare grilled chicken, steamed potatoes, and mixed vegetables for dinner. And grilled chicken salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, boiled egg and lite dressing for lunch. I hope I don’t get tired of chicken by the end of the week. LOL.

As for my workout plan, I hate working out. I hate being hot and sweaty. But I think I can handle 2 days a week for 30 to 45 minutes. Luckily I don’t even need a gym membership. My complex has two gyms that I can use. So that’s a plus. I don’t have to add a gym membership bill to my budget and I don’t have to travel far to work out. I wish I had a work out partner, but for right now I have to be my own motivation. And yes I need a lot of motivation. I mean, like, I paid for a gym membership for a whole year and only went maybe five times. I remember one time I schedule to meet with a trainer to help me figure out a workout plan. And I came to the gym with a icy from the gas station because it was hot outside. The trainer was so mad that he re-schedule with me and told me to come back when I was actually ready to work out. I didn’t think it was that serious but he did. So I never got that work plan from him. Then another time I went to the gym and spent like 10 minutes on the treadmill. Then, I got bored and walked over to the bagel shop across the street for a cinnamon sugared bagel. I am the worst. OMG !!! Maybe it would be smart for me to find a back up work out plan I can do inside- just for those days I don’t feel like walking to the gym. Just pray for me.

I will give you all updates on my process and failures. I might even to a grocery haul video and share some recipes. I even got some stuff to make smoothies. So I will share recipes for that as well. But, feel free to share with me your workout and meal prep routines, I’d love to hear. But until next time, have a fabulous week!