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Hello Passionista!

I don’t know about y’all but I enjoy the luxury of music and podcasts all day long. No matter what I am doing, I am most likely listening to a Apple Playlist or a Podcast. I find it soothing to listen to different Apple playlist at my desk at work and listen to podcast while driving.

If you have Apply music, you get a favorites mix every week on Wednesday updated by Apple based on what you listen to frequently. So I’ve decided to share my favorites mix with y’all. Some weeks, I don’t know how certain song get on my favorites mix but other weeks I instantly fall in love with the playlist and listen to it multiple times before the next update.

This weeks Favorites Mix

Wildest Dream- Taylor Swift

My Song – Alessia Cara

Best Thing I Never Had- Beyonce

Million Reasons- Lady Gaga

Teenage Dream- Katy Perry

Hello- Adele

Dope- Fifth Harmony

Mercy- Shawn Mendes

Skyscrapper Demi Lovato

Be Yourself- Frank Ocean

Skin- Rihanna

All Good – Ciara

No More (Baby I’ma Do It Right)- 3LW

Locked in Closets- Solange

Wish I Never Met You- Trina

Check it Out- Nicki Minaj &

11 Something – Summerella

Not Gon’ Cry- Mary J. Blige

H.A.T.E.U-Mariah Carey

Leave me Lonely- Ariana Grande

Bring it All to Me (feat. NSYNC)- Blaque

Don’t Love Me- Janine

Versace on the Floor- Bruno Mars

Don’t Forget to Remember Me- Carrie Underwood

Where the Party At- Jagged Edge

Music Appreciation

Happy Wednesday Friend!

It’s almost Friday and I’m so ready for the weekend!!!! Y’all know I don’t come alive until the weekend. But anyways, today I want to talk about music. I’m going to share with you my Top favorite albums and reviews on some recent albums.

PassionLocked Top Albums

So matter what year it is,these three albums will always be my TOP listens. I STAND for Beyonce, and I’m still a Destiny’s Child fan. I STAND for Monica, no matter what her music keeps it real. And baby, I LIVE for Tamia’s music.

So my TOP favorite album is none other than Writings on the Wall… YES! Destiny’s Child…I still listen to that CD on a weekly basis. My favorite song from the album has to be Temptation. “I know you see me watching you and I see you watching me. Cause boy your bodies calling me, Temptation is killing me” If the original Destiny’s Child girls ever come back together and preform Temptation, Sweet Sixteen, Jumpin’ Jumpin’ and Bills Bills Bills, my WHOLE life would be complete.

My 2nd all time favorite is Miss Thang by Monica. I was like 4 when them album came out, but when I got a little older and got my hands on this CD. BABY! As a teenager with a boyfriend that had a car, With You was my favorite Jam. I mean riding around town, wasting gas with my boo and making him listen to a Monica album. LOL “I like kickin’ it with you, Me and you getting’ it on.” So old school and I love it.

My 3rd is Tamia’s 2015 self titled album. I saw her in concert preform these songs and I was in complete heaven. Day One will be played at my wedding. Hands Down my favorite Tamia song. But, Stuck with me is a catchy song that gets stuck in my head all the time.

Music Reviews

Now Slay-Dele, waiting until I had gotten all of my emotion under control and decided to drop a self titled album. I mean, my god! You can play that album all day. I promise you the month of January that’s all I played in my car. The single for the album “Hello” sets the tone. I mean each song give you more and more life. But my favorite has to be the most emotional song off the album, of course. But “All I ask” … baby when I’m riding alone in my car and play that song- Oh! I just know I can sing. I mean the people passing me in my car probably look at me so crazy.

I was late on purchasing this album, but y’all know I had to get my auntie Monica’s album “CODE RED”. First and foremost, her daughter is sooooo precision on the album. And of course she gives me real R&B and Soul. My favorite song has to be “Anchor”.

Now y’all know August is my boo. I mean that young man…. NO WORDS! “This Thing Called Life” first off I was pissed when I found out is album was leaked. I mean don’t be giving these low budget folkz good free music. They need y’all to go out and buy it…. Support Us (Yes, I said US, Me and August … LOL). But his album sales still did okay- but could have been better. I can tell he really worked hard on this one. I was just a little disappointed I didn’t get another “Kissing on my Tattoos” type song but I guess “No Love” can hold me over until he puts the next one out.  I have a few favorites from this album: Song Cry, Hip Hop and Hollywood.

Lastly, Rih-Rih did it again. She made y’all wait, I mean she kept making y’all wait and wait. And then was like okay- here y’all go. Now let’s be clear. I like Rihanna music, but I wouldn’t say I stand for her. Like she’s coming into town for a concert and I have been debating about purchasing a ticket. I mean her music is good. I like the good girl Rihanna, but finally this good girl gone bad Rihanna is growing on me. And I love ANTI. But I don’t think I want to see her P-Pop on stage for two hours. But back to her album ANTI, gives me life. First, y’all know I’m emo so Love on the Brain, does it for me. I don’t think I have a favorite yet. I still enjoy listening to the album on shuffle and learning all the songs. I mean Work is most played but that’s the single so everyone loves that song.


Well, I’m about to shuffle my Music Library and get ready for work tomorrow. Be sure to Like, comment and subscribe. See Friday !!!!