Shop with me | Bath & Body Works Candle Sale

Hey Passionista!

Y’all already know I love candles. Every year I get super excited for the annual candle sale from Bath & Body Works. This year I decided to take y’all shopping with me…

Tuesday Mornings Shopping Haul

Hello Passionistas!!!

Last weekend, I took a little shopping trip to Tuesday’s Mornings.

This store brings me so such joy and savings. Honestly, I went into the store for a gift bag and came out with so much more.


I’ve been working on decorating my place, little by little. I love taking pictures but I dont have any picture in my home. So, I thought I get some cute little picture frames for my book shelf.


I love using my Cricut Explore Air 2, but the cost of vinyl adds up. I usually pay $12.99 or more for 1 roll at Micheals craft store or varies prices as I find bulk packages online (Amazon). BUt I never thought to look in Tuesday Morning’s. I was shocked to find vinyl materials in the craft aisle. I will shop here for my vinyl more often.


  • 12in x 48in roll of Pow Pink Adhesive Vinyl- $3.99 (regular price $9.99)
  • 12.25in x 120 Minc Pink Reactive Foil- $3.99 (regular price $9.99)

I am sucker for body and spa products. I like to try different products and brands. Look at what I found.


I love a good salt scrub for deep cleaning my skin after shaving. Activated Charcoal has become a very popular trend and this is the first time I have come across a charcoal salt scrub.

So I’ve been on this thing where I use body oil to hydrate my skin after showering instead of lotion. Honestly, one day I was too lazy to rub lotion on my legs so I just sprinkled some body oil on my skin before bed. My skin felt so amazing.

This body wash smells sooooooooooooo good. I am such an impulsive buyer- cause I didn’t even need any body wash. I saw Honey and Mango and added it to me shopping cart. But it’s always good to have extra body wash around the house.

At the end of week I like to relax in a nice hot soak. I eirther use a Lush bath bomb or bath salt. I cannot wait until Sunday for my next hot soak!!!!!!!

Deal of the week: Cricut

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.09.59 PM


EasyPress™ + Ultimate Iron-on Bundle available for only $189.99! Shopping Haul (Blogmas Day 16)


So, I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping, and now my packages are starting to come. Yesterday my boohoo package came. Alot of my packages are gifts but this package is just for me.

I love shopping on becasue they have a larger selelction of plus size clothing and great sales on a weekly basis. This haul is all from the 60% off sale a few weeks ago.


Plus Eva Oversized Shirt -Colour Wine for $15.20 (60% off)

I love the way this shirt feels. and I love how the “oversize” fits- casue some plus sized items will say oversized but not really be oversized. It can be woren with leggings of skinny jeans.

img_0005Plus Leanna Bardot Long Sleeve Knitted Top- Colour Navy $11.60 (60% off)

I love anything off the shoulder. This shirt feels so soft and flowy. I feel like it will be cute piece for a brunch date or day turn up.

img_0006Plus Bella Long Sleeve Swing Dress- Colour Navy $11.60 (60% off)

I saw this online and thought it was so cute. It’ll be a good piece to wear with tights and booties. This might be my OOTD for my Christmas Dinner date.

img_0007Plus Addision Ruffle Crepe Boxy Top- Colour Rose $10.00 (60% off)

So I have wanted this shirt since the summer, but it was always sold out. Now it’s back in stock. Even though its cold out side I went ahead and got for when it warms up a bit.

img_0008Plus Annie Distressed Cut Out T-shirt Dress- Colour Khaki $10.00 (60% off)

Now this bad boy right here, fits just right and feels super good on my skin. It’s not really a winter time dress, but for the right occasion I might pull in out before summer.


Sephora Shadows (blogmas day 11)

Happpppppyyyyy Monday!!!!!

Welcome to day 11 of Blogmas!!!

During my trip to the mall, I came across a crazy deal. Sephora has a deal of spend $50 or more and save $15… as well as $5 eye shadows!

Last summer I started a eyeshadow palette of Sephora brand eye shadows. Here is what I have so far:

I’m adding 2 more that will complete my palette, for what. I may switch some of them out around summer time.

These 2 shimmer colors are Stadium Fever and Tahitian Peral. Perfect colors for the holidays!

See you tomorrow !!!

Boohoo Shopping Haul

Happy Hump Day Passionistas!


Today, I have something new for you all. I am going to be sharing the items I purchased from my last online shopping free. My favorite online stop is Boohoo. They are great for plus size clothing and a great sale. I absolutely love the five items I purchased from Boohoo with 50% off.

For each item I will add the item name, sale price, and product code under the picture.

For this shopping experience I was looking for a few new fall pieces I could wear for work and happy hour. I work in an environment that is very casual but still a office settings. So I try to but comfortable and cute but also keep it a little semi dressy.


I really like this top and it looks really calm and comfortable for a causal fall outfit. I don’t really have a lot of black tops. So this is a classic black top that I can match with denim, ponte pants, or dress pants.

Plus Addison Ruffle Crepe Boxy Top

$12.50 (on sale for 50% off)

Product Code: PZZ87054-105-51



For summer Boohoo was my go to place for off the shoulder bodysuits. I mean I have the same style summer bodysuit in like 4 different colors. The material is soft, the fit is nice, and the price is affordable. So when I saw this long sleeved bodysuit I knew I had to order it. I only ordered one to start just to make sure the fit and feel is the same as the summer bodysuits I ordered. And I have to be honest- I have worn this bodysuit twice already. It’s an easy piece to dress up and dress down with.

Plus Emma Plunge Bodysuit

$10.00 (on sale for 50% off)

Product Code: PZZ87389-105-51



What girl doesn’t love ruffles? I love ruffles!!!! So this shirt speaks to me and my style. It’s really thick, which I like for a windy day when you don’t really want to wear a light jacket all day. I love natural tones so this color is amazing. The length on the model is actually longer than the fit on me. But it fits well and I can’t wait to wear it.

Plus Amelia Ruffle Detail Knitted Top

$16.00 (on sale for 50% off)

Product Code: PZZ87055-161-350




Everyone needs a lightweight cardigan in their wardrobe. I have a few but I find myself getting tired of them quickly. So In ordered this white one. I’m not one of those poeple who stops wearing white after labor day. If it fits good and goes with my outfit- I’m wearing! ! !

Plus Orla Jersey Pocket Cardigan

$9.00 (on sale for 50% off)

Product Code: PZZ99024-123-350


My last piece, is this amazing Coat. It is actually thicker than I thought it would be but I like it. I can’t wait to rock this bad boy!!!!!! I live in GA so the cold weather is picking up but not yet time to bring this out. I think it’s a very casual piece that can also be dressy or super casual.

Plus Jourdan Wool Look Wrap Front Coat

$26.00 (on sale for 50% off)

Product Code: PZZ91580-111-351


This is my first time doing a clothing shopping haul. If you liked it please let me know in the comments below. Also- if you’d like me to do more shopping haul in the future also let me know in the comment section.


Talk to you later



Handmade goodies from LUSH

Hello Beauty!

Another day another dollar… And I’m back with another product review… for… LUSH products!!!


I just love going into LUSH, the environment is not relaxing. This wasn’t a planned trip- this was a “I was walking in the mall and walked into the store” trip.


During my trip I sampled a few products and limited myself to buy only three things


Cocoa Butter Massage Bar

Massage Bar Tin

Cup O’Coffee

I absolutely the massage bars at LUSH. My goal is to try them all. Honestly, they feel amazing on your skin. After a long hot bubble bath, air dry and then rub the bar along your skin. The warmth of your body melts the bar just the right amount to coat your skin. The smooth and gritty texture of the bar feels like you’re in a spa getting a massage from a trainer professional.

The tin is an added bonus. The last time I bought a bar and traveled – it melted in my suitcase. Even though I packed it in a plastic bag it made a mess everywhere. So at least with the tin it if melts I can place the tin in the freezer to turn it back solid.

Cup O’ Coffee is a new buy for me. I think this is the first time I seen the product in store. It’s a face and body scrub. I cannot wait to play with this stuff and tell you about it.


What’s your favorite LUSH product?


Tuesday Mornings Haul

Passionistas… It’s Friday, so I went shopping.

Tuesday Mornings is one of my favorite stores, and its been months since I shopped in one. So instead of sitting in traffic, I went to Tuesday Mornings. I honestly spent 2 hours walking up an down the aisle of this store, on Pinterest and just browsing.

Look at what I got …


PLANTS for $3.99 ea. I have never been into flowers. Usually when I get flowers I let them dry, I dont even try to keep them alive. But for some reason, I want to try to grow these dinner flowers into beautiful display.


A new make-up bag marked down from $7.99 to $3.19. Not a bad deal- and a girl can never have too many cosmetic bags.


From $10.99 to $8.79 this storage box is exactly what I need. As a event planner and quilter, I have supplies all over my house. I try to keep everything in one area, but that can be hard. So I have found that these storage boxes come in handy for the closet and under the bed. I honestly wish they had more, I would have bought them all.



Stickers from $0.99 to only $.0.59. Did I need these? No. Do I know what I will use them for? No. But for only a fwe cents, I know they will come in handy one day or another.


Seasings are everything. And since I am challenging myself to cook more than I eat out, I’ve found myself on the seassoning aisle of every store selling them. ONly $2.99


Now, if you follow Passion Locked frequently, you know I have a love for quilting. So the Memory Quilt Kit was like the first thing I put in my shopping cart. I can’t wait until I have some time to play with it. Only $5.39


A girl can never have too many laundry bags. They are good for closets, bedroom, bathrooms, and travel. These two are super cute and for only $3.99 ea. I had to have them.


I love stationary! If you every order a quilt or Kreative Passion item, just know that your order will come with a handwritten thank you card, soecial from me. So for $1.19, I could’t leave it on the shelf. Of course I wish they had more, cause I will buy them all.


I know this is like my third haul within two weeks, I guess you all can see I have been shopping. I hope you don’t mind but I love sharing them with you.


Until next time….



Hobby Lobby Clearance Haul

Happy Hump Day Passionistas!

Last Wednesday I went shopping on my lunch break and for less than $20.00 I think I found some great clearance deals at Hobby Lobby.

Look at what I got.




From $6.99 to $2.99 for these mini document pockets.









$2.99 for petite file folders. As an event planner I think these are going to be perfect to make booklets for my event planning assistant to have handy the day of a big event, like a wedding or reunion.







From $10.99 to $2.37 for baby blocks. You all know quilting is my thing. So this is something different for me to try to perfect my skills at making baby quilts.






$2.99 for an 8×8 photo Album. I’m thinking this will transition into a great scrapbooking gift. I can’t wait to find the right event to gift it to someone special.




Follow @passionlocked on instagram so see what I do with my clearance goodies from Hobby Lobby!


Until Next Time


Cost Plus World Market Haul

Hi Passionista!

Not to long ago, I discivered this amazing store… Cost Plus World Market! This story has everything you can think of in it.

One of the stores in Atlanta. Ga is moving locations. So the entire store was up to 30% off. Of course I had to take a trip. I got a little bit of everything… check it all out.





I needed another water jar for my apartment. I have one of these already. I orginial purchased it to chill water in the fridge but slowly started using it for some of my cold brewed teas. So now I’ll have 2 in the house- one for water and another for my tea.



I picked up a few grecories items as well. I found some meat rubs (seasonings) that I was interested in trying. I got a lemon pepper garlic and chiplote scrub. Hopefully this will inspire me to actually cook 😂 Gin-Gins are ginger candies – which are great for when you have a headache or cold. It’s good to always have some on hand. Because I don’t like being sick, so as soon as I feel myself feeling like a cold is coming I start my get well remedies. Lastly, these mini honey jars- I thought would be great for my lunch box and the office (for my morning tea).




The next thing I grabbed were these cloth bags. I thought these were the cutest misc. bags. Honestly, I didnt even pick these up for myself. I saw them and immediately thought of my two friends who are teachers. Not that I have them home, I have  thought of many ways I could use them. So I don’t know if my friends will actually ever get them. 🤷🏽‍♀️


I came across these LED string lights, they are becoming more and more popular. I think they are great for decor, especially centerpieces and backdrop displays. They are battery operated and the battery pack is small and easy to hide. I have one set already but for $4.99 ea. I was happy to add these to my collection.


I instantly wanted to try this coffee and mint body scrub. I like to use body scrubs once a week in the shower after shaving. It just makes my skin feel so much more silky after a shave. I have never used this one before, I usually use lush products. But I want to try this one because of the coffee and mint combination.



More stationary! I found the cutest cards and little notepads that I can use or give away as gifts. I even found a cute little picture frame to put on my desk at work.
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