Note from Kadii …

Hey Guys!

I have been extremely busy as usually but I wanted to make sure I kept my promise of a bi-weekly note from me to you! I hope each of you are doing what you love and excelling in whatever you are passionate about. Over the last two weeks I have been overwhelmed with the support and feedback I have received from PassionLocked. I started this blog, because, blogging was something I always wanted to try. I didn’t think about people actually following my blog and viewing my post. And each day I check my stats the number increase, you guys are liking my post, following the page, commenting and even making e-mail subscriptions. I love it ! Thank You…

IMG_0015As I was reading Yandy Smith Harris book, The beauty of branding (see my book review, posted this past Wednesday), I came of with a few ideas I want to incorporate into my blog. Today I am revealing my logo for PassionLocked (pictured left), working on building social media accounted specific to PassionLocked, and offering give- a – ways for my awesome followers.

I cant wait to share more of my branding experience with you and PassionLocked grows!

Love it. Do it. Be it.

Big shout outs to Donahue Johnson (graphic artist) for taking my vision and creating my logo. check out his work at or follow him on IG: @groovy_que8